Now you can refer friends
from your phonebook too.

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Myrefers uses human networks.
Human judgement.

Our model emulates real communities.

  • The Referrer, an industry Master, recognises a job seeker best.
  • Referrer creates a goodwill chain by referring job seekers, and earns Rewards.
  • If the Referee passes it forward, she receives Rewards too.
  • As the chain grows, the community flourishes!

Referring & Rewards

Step 1

We send you relevant jobs & job seekers

Your profile is created with a click, using Linkedin Connect

Step 2

You refer a job seeker

Find the right match, and set the goodwill chain rolling.

Step 3

Receive Rewards as goodwill money

If you share your reward with Referee, she gets it when she Refers someone.


Mentor your chain

See how well your chain is performing and mentor your referees..

How the reward system works

  • You create a good-will chain when you refer a job seeker.
  • In return you receive Rewards as good-will money.
  • The good-will money is good, but the reputation you earn is priceless.

Does it help you in other ways?

  • Yes, it does. With each Reference, you increase your industry influence.
  • You create your reputation as a valued mover-and-shaker of your industry, whose word matters.
  • And if you do well, we honour you by featuring you in the Industry Top 50 Masters, which will soon become a benchmark for influencers in all industry verticals.

Applying to Jobs

Step 1

Jobs come to you

One step sign-up with Google+. Personalized job suggestion & search engine.

Step 2

Apply Easy

Community networks support and back you.
Just apply!

Step 3

Get a reference

Seek a reference, join a goodwill chain of top referrers of your industry!


Get Hired

It's the first step.
Remember to pass it forward and refer someone else.

Why get referred?

  • When an industry Master refers you, you're being recommended by someone whose word matters.
  • This is more than what a CV or search engine can do.
  • It means it's a job you can trust.
  • Your referrer may mentor you, may even share a part of her reward with you, which you get when you pass it forward and refer another job seeker!

A better,efficient profile building system

  • This is not just a profile that is built by you.
  • It is a profile that builds itself every time you are referred by someone you have worked with or someone who knows you.
  • It is influenced by community network and marked by human hands and human judgement, which the industry respects.

Hiring as a Company

Step 1

Post a job

Tell us your need. Position, eligibility, rewards, company policy, all that counts

Step 2

Review Applications

Our matching engine finds you the right applicants, sorted by references from industry Masters.

Step 3


A Myrefers candidate is a perfect match because our candidates are referred by industry Masters.

Community as a hiring tool

  • Before we connect the job seeker and applicant to you, we connect them to industry Masters in their network.
  • This way, we ensure you make use of credible community references when selecting candidates.
  • These are handpicked applications, screened by us, not machine filtered names.

Direct recommendations

  • We personally pick out good candidates where the candidate doesn't have ready references.
  • Our team ensures that in addition to candidates with References, we also send you direct recommendations based on skill set matches.