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We know you have questions about our service.
That's why we have answered some of them.

Q1.What is MyRefers?

MyRefers is a community of Referrers, peers, and employers, shaping careers and businesses by referring and being referred to jobs. This would ensure, your reach of people is amplified multi-fold, and you are able to reach the active as well as "passive" (open to a change but not actively searching for jobs, almost 72% of all talent is passive) talent as well!

Q2. Does it cost to register with MyRefers?

It's all absolutely free!

Q3. How do I register on MyRefers?

To register on MyRefers you have to fill up a form providing basic information about yourself and your company. You can e- sign up using your email ID. Just fill up the form, and leave the rest to us. Our team will contact you to move the process ahead!

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Q4. What happens after I register?

Once you have registered on MyRefers you will receive a call within 2 working days from our team member. The purpose of the call is basically to understand your hiring requirements. If you don't receive any call from our team you can write to us at friends@myrefers.com

Q. 1 How can I register with MyRefers?

Well it's easy! You can register via Google+ or simply using your email address. It takes a few minutes...and opens up a new world of respect and love that you could receive from your circle!
What you waiting for? Hurry and Sign Up!

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Q. 2 How to activate my MyRefers account after registration?

If you chose to register with your e-mail address, we will send you a verification mail on the provided email address to confirm your identity and to ensure that the email address provided is correct and belongs to you. The e-mail consists of a verification link that you need to click in order to complete the activation process.

In case you have registered using your e-mail ID and have still not received the activation mail, just visit the login page and resend the activation link. Of course you need to ensure it's the same email address you had used the last time you signed up with us. But before you click on this link, do check your spam/junk folder once!

Q.3 How can I import contacts?

As soon as you login to MyRefers using Google+ myrefers.com automatically imports your Google+ connections. If you choose to login via Email you can click on setting and connect with your social connections.

Q. 4 Is it important to complete my MyRefers profile?

Completing your profile helps our recommendation engine recommend better jobs for you to apply. Recommended jobs are determined by matching the job requirements to your profile and profile completeness plays an important role in the process. It is suggested to keep the profile complete and updated to make the most of this feature! It also helps you to apply easily to a job as you don't have to fill the apply form.

Q.5 How can I search for jobs?

Search gives you an option to look for relevant jobs based on your specific requirements. To search for a job, you can use the given search window.
You may use various criteria's to look for relevant jobs for you like job title, skills, referral range or preferred location.

Q.6 What are recommended jobs?

MyRefers works on recommendation algorithm that scans all the jobs and recommends the jobs matching to your profile. These jobs are collated and listed in the 'Recommended' page under the Jobs.

Q. 7 How can I apply for a job?

To apply for a job you can click on the apply button next to every job. Once you click on apply you have to fill up the apply form providing your basic professional and personal details which helps the recruiter understand your profile. After providing this information you are required to answer few questions related to the job opening, recheck your contact details and submit your application.

Q. 8 How to refer and who can I refer jobs on myrefers.com?

To ease the process of referring we help you decide "who to refer". We recommend you the candidate from your connections which is a best match for the job, to refer simply click on refer button next to the recommended candidate.