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About nearbuy (formerly known as Groupon India) : Nearbuy is India’s first hyper-local online platform that enables customers and local merchants to discover and engage with each other. It works hard to bring your world, closer to you. Whether it’s fine dining, relaxing at the top spas, or just discovering your city intimately, nearbuy makes it happen for you. From tattoo parlours to music concerts, weekend getaways to international vacations, movie tickets to mobile phones, hotel deals to five star meals, everything you want is now within reach. As an independent entrepreneurial entity in over 30+ cities, 18+ categories, 400+ employees, 50,000+ merchants across 100,000+ unique locations, our motto is ‘Globally Driven yet Locally Inspired’. Every offer or listing on nearbuy has been carefully curated to bring you the best there is and to help you discover and purchase exciting experiences around you. That is why every experience on nearbuy is backed up by its promise: in case you’re not satisfied, a no questions-asked reversal is guaranteed. As the name suggests, nearbuy is your companion on life’s daily adventures. Fun @ nearbuy (formerly known as Groupon India): Think casual Fridays are fun? Bahahaha, you deprived soul you. At nearbuy (formerly known as Groupon India), fun takes all kinds of bizarre turns. Whether it’s odd events (read Twin Day, Halloween Parties, Fashion Disaster, Retro Day), unexpected cake, random photo shoots (if you own a DSLR, you are our new best friend), stand-up comedy one-offs, well, you get the gist. Oh, and we take a very out-of- the-box approach to work. In this case, the box being the office…Because we have tons of team outings, get-togethers and trips. And this is not including the annual offsite where employees from all over the country come together for a weekend of activities, talent shows, dancing, awards, discussions and much more. Still think wearing a T-shirt to work on one day of the week is fun? Culture @ nearbuy (formerly known as Groupon India): Imagine being surrounded all day by street-smart, confident and quirky people. Even if you’re not standing on the sets of ‘How I Met Your Mother’. That’s the nearbuy (formerly known as Groupon India) office in a nutshell. It’s a place where formality dies a slow death, much like Amrita Rao’s career. (Seriously, the last time a nearbuy (formerly known as Groupon India) employee called someone Sir, s/he was probably standing in front of a professor explaining the doodle on the note they were passing in class.) It’s also a place where people like to build new stuff (not necessarily out of Lego) and believe in odd things – like there’s something new to be learned every day and that ideas can come from anywhere. Honestly, we love exchanging ideas and everyone has an ‘open-door’ policy, whether it’s your reporting manager or the friendly CEO next door. Actually, that was a lie – we don’t have an open-door policy. We don’t even have doors. We’re cool like that.