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Changing the way people get work done since 2014. Haptik is Everyone's Personal Assistant - A smartphone app that helps people get shit done over messaging. We are an army of real people, solving real problems in real time over chat. So you could just outsource your headache to a Haptik Assistant with a simple message, sit back and tend to the more important things in life. We know 'Messaging is the new form of Search;' and Haptik is the first app in the world that enables completing tasks, getting product/service information, customer support and commerce over text messaging. A user can now get quick help at his own convenience and in a hassle-free manner. While at It's core Haptik is still a tech company and strongly believe that it's technology that will eventually differentiate us to make it a world-class product. We see a world where users will have just one go-to app to get various things done, and we are working around the clock to become that seamless, reliable & convenient service.