About Us


MyRefers has been a trusted comprehensive source for many business owners to get information on how to perform well and how to win in the digital world. We have been a leading resource for businesses who work and sell in this vast digital universe. We strive to support online sellers who want to create a distinctive presence in the ever competitive market. 

Our Readers

We support businesses of every size and type. Basically, anyone who wishes to sell and work through online marketplaces. Whether you are an individual working towards creating something big or a part of a team of professionals, we cater to the needs of everyone who wants to improve and boost their sales. 

Our Values

MyRefers is a trusted source of information that can help businesses grow exponentially. We share well-researched, practical and success-driven strategies that can help our readers massively. Our values help us focus completely on our readers and their success, therefore, creating a high level of trust and helping us suggest the ideas that prove to be the right choices for them. We believe in:


We make sure to provide ideas and solutions that are backed with deep research and facts. Before sharing anything with our readers, we make sure that the information is precise and up to the point. 


We believe in welcoming different opinions. We understand that everyone can have a different point of view, different business, different ideas and a difference of opinion. We make sure to respect this variety and that helps us in serving information for different target audiences. 

Growth Mindset

We want our readers to get the best of what we offer to them. We want them to earn more revenue, grow more names and enjoy their work at the same time. This works as our motivation to provide just the best to our readers. 

We enjoy what we do. This makes us strive how we are. With constant evolution in technology that many people may miss, we ensure to share information to vast audiences to not only help their business grow but to thrive endlessly.