What is Dark Social in Digital Marketing?

Dark social refers to the sharing of online content through private channels that cannot be easily tracked or measured by traditional web analytics. It refers to the traffic that occurs when people share content via private messaging apps, email, or secure browsing methods like HTTPS, making it difficult for marketers to attribute the source of the traffic accurately.

Unlike public social media platforms where interactions and referrals can be easily monitored, dark social occurs in private conversations or closed environments. Examples of dark social channels include private messaging apps like WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and WeChat, as well as email and direct messaging.

Dark social poses a challenge for digital marketers because it can account for a significant portion of website traffic, yet it is often invisible or misattributed in analytics reports. When a user clicks on a link shared through dark social, the referral source is typically labeled as “direct” or “unknown” in analytics, making it difficult to determine the actual source or effectiveness of the marketing efforts.

To mitigate the impact of dark social, marketers can employ several strategies. One approach is to use share buttons with tracking capabilities that allow users to share content via email or private messaging apps while still attributing the traffic source. Additionally, implementing URL shorteners or campaign-specific URLs can help track the performance of shared content more accurately.

Overall, understanding and accounting for dark social is essential for digital marketers to have a comprehensive view of their audience’s engagement and to make informed decisions about their marketing strategies.

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