Top 10 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2023

“Books are the mirrors that reflect the beauty and complexity of our world.”

The new year is always exciting for book lovers, as it promises new stories, fresh perspectives, and unexplored worlds. As we enter 2023, we can’t help but feel thrilled about the books that are set to be released in the upcoming months. 

From highly anticipated sequels to exciting debut novels, there is something for everyone on the horizon. This blog has compiled a list of the top 10 books we can’t wait to read in 2023. So, grab a coffee, cozy up, and get ready to add these books to your TBR pile.

List Of Top 10 Books In 2023

#1 Spare

Author – Prince Harry

Release – January

The world has seen Prince Harry grow up, but they have only gotten to know him personally. His biography is an “honest and fascinating personal portrayal.” The memoir is expected to explore his mother, Diana’s death and why he and his wife, Meghan Markle, left the royal life behind.

#2 Sam

Author – Allegra Goodman

Release – January

“Sam,” pick of the year, is a coming-of-age narrative with language that mirrors its protagonists’ growth and evolution as Sam does. The story is about a girl who has lost her childhood’s magic and purity to regain her strength and hope.

#3 The Shards 

Author – Brett Easton Ellis

Release – January

Less Than Zero, Bret Easton Ellis’ first book, was published in 1985. The Shards is Ellis’ first novel in 13 years. It is fascinating, brilliant, and disturbing, transporting readers to the early 1980s. It’s about Ellis, a high school senior who writes a book called “Less Than Zero.” 

He has a gang of wealthy, attractive friends who are being pursued by a serial killer known as “the Trawler.” There is extravagant violence, shocking eroticism, and a never-ending list of song and movie titles that fit a certain mood. 

#4 The Guest 

Author – Emma Cline

Release – May

It is a captivating literary account written from the perspective of the deceiver herself. Exiled from her ex-Hampton boyfriend’s house, she convinces herself she can hang out for a week and make an uninvited appearance at his weekend party.

#5 Age of Vice

Author – Deepti Kapoor

Release – January

Age of Vice has been compared to a modern-day Godfather, but it is much more. Kapoor’s huge but propulsive blockbuster novel is an addictive and socially conscious thriller that depicts contemporary India in all its enthralling complexity. 

At the heart of the conflict are three dissimilar souls: a playboy with ambition beyond his corrupt background, a servant, and a journalist. The most captivating of these characters is also the most vulnerable—a young guy whose criminal life begins with a minor disagreement.

#6 The Survivalists

Author – Kashana Cauley

Release – January

Aretha is an ambitious, focused, and logical lawyer until she meets another orphan. Aaron, who escaped Hurricane Sandy by perching on a refrigerator in a Greenwich Village apartment as the waves rose, is now a co-owner of a coffee shop.

His business partner and roommate are survivalists with a bunker in their backyard. A reluctant Aretha is dragged into Aaron’s world of Brooklyn survivalists preparing for a possible apocalypse. The book will create a sensation in your mind. 

#7 The Racism of People Who Love You

Author –  Samira K. Mehta

Release – January

This one-of-a-kind art addresses an issue many struggle with in our increasingly diverse yet chronically divided society—the pain and pressure points regarding race that remain in the most intimate areas.

#8 The Skin and Its Girl

Author – Sarah Cypher

Release – April

Betty, a lesbian Palestinian American woman, uncovers a series of notes from her late aunt that assist her in navigating a difficult decision in this family drama about exile and immigration. Her aunt’s writings show a complex existence full of secrets beyond Betty’s imagination and the answer to whether she should leave her native country to pursue the love of her life.

#9 The Last Tale of the Flower Bride

Author – Roshani Chokshi

Release – February

Roshani Chokshi’s enthralling first adult novel is a fairytale-infused drama about marriage and the secrets couples hold from each other. That, plus an enchanting mansion off the coast of Washington and a fortune in hotels.

#10 Hang the Moon

Author – Jeannette Walls

Release – March

In this brilliant narrative of Prohibition-era Virginia, the author of the renowned book ‘The Glass Castle’ depicts the Tudor dynasty’s power grabs and double-crosses. Sallie Kincaid is expelled from her house after her younger half-brother is killed in an accident.

She leaves her flamboyant father, Duke, and the little village where she grew up. Sallie forges her path nine years later, overseeing the family business while managing feuds and uncovering family secrets.


Books are not just collections of paper and ink; they are collections of ideas and dreams!

Reading books of different genres is important as it provides a wide range of perspectives and ideas that can broaden an individual’s knowledge and understanding of the world. Reading fiction can develop empathy and learn about human behavior and cultural practices. 

Non-fiction books, however, provide an opportunity to learn about the world’s history, scientific advancements, and different fields of study. Reading books of different genres can also expand an individual’s vocabulary and language skills.

It can be useful in their personal and professional lives. Exposure to various genres can improve critical thinking skills and analytical abilities as different genres may require different cognitive processes and analysis methods.

Furthermore, reading books of different genres can also be an excellent form of entertainment and relaxation, providing an escape from reality and allowing individuals to experience different worlds, cultures, and perspectives. 

Reading books of different genres is essential for personal growth, intellectual development, and a more profound understanding of the world. Hope you will like our suggestions. So, start reading right away!!

Books are the silent mentors that shape our lives and inspire us to become the best version of ourselves.

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