10 Inspiring Movies That Will Keep You Motivated And Focused On Your Goals

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration and motivation to help us stay focused on our goals. Whether trying to achieve a personal goal or working towards a professional one, watching movies can be an excellent way to stay motivated and focused on what you want to achieve. 

Movies can evoke emotions, capture imaginations, and make us feel like we can conquer anything. This blog will explore 10 inspiring movies that will keep you motivated and focused on your goals. They tell powerful stories of perseverance, determination, and the human spirit. 

They will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take on the world. Whether you need a boost of motivation or want to escape into a world of inspiration, these movies are a perfect choice. So, grab some popcorn, get comfortable, and get ready to be inspired.

#1 La La Land

Damien Chazelle is the author and director of the 2016 American romance musical comedy-drama film La La Land. In the movie, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling play a struggling jazz musician and an aspiring actress, respectively. They meet and fall in love while pursuing their dreams in Los Angeles.

#2 A league of their Own

The 1992 American sports comedy-drama film A League of Their Own, helmed by Penny Marshall, provides a dramatized account of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL). 

A professional baseball club draughts Dottie, Kit, and several other women. However, when Jimmy, an alcoholic former celebrity, is made to oversee them, things take an unexpected turn.

#3 Gifted 

2017’s Gifted is an American drama movie. Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, Lindsay Duncan, Jenny Slate, and Octavia Spencer are among its cast members. The story centers on a seven-year-old with cerebral prowess, the target of a custody dispute between her maternal uncle and maternal grandmother. 

Chris Evans plays Frank Adler, the sole parent of his niece Mary, a gifted youngster (Mckenna Grace). This moving film demonstrates that you can pursue your dreams despite whatever obstacles life tosses at you.

#4 Wonder

August Pullman, a young boy with facial differences who enrolls in a public primary school for the first time, is the inspirational subject of the book Wonder. After watching this film, you will be moved to tears and inspired to battle for those who are perceived as being different in society. 

In a private school, in fifth grade, August makes friends with Jack. The two develop a powerful bond as they contend with the bullies in their class.

#5 Slumdog Millionaire 

In memories, the origins of 18-year-old Jamal Malik (Dev Patel), who is participating in the Indian version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” are revealed. 

After their mother passes away, Jamal and his sibling Salim become a part of a group of young thieves and live on Mumbai’s streets. Salim enjoys living a life of crime, but Jamal makes do with menial employment before appearing on a game show.

#6 3 Idiots 

A highly motivational and inspirational movie tells the tale of three students with a special connection. The plot follows the three of them through their happy times and shows how they discover their life objectives. After going through many difficult times, they work extremely hard to accomplish them. 

Along with success, the film is a fantastic stress reliever for people striving hard to achieve major things in life. “All is well” is the finest mantra to live by because it will cause everything to work out naturally. 

Finding your passion in life and success will follow you are just two of the inspiring messages the film communicates. The key to maintaining happiness in life is to spend time with family and friends rather than chasing after scores, which are just numbers.

#7 The Karate Kid

In this tale, a martial arts master teaches karate to a victimized child in a supportive manner. “In life, there will be people who will try to suppress you, but what truly matters is how you rise against all the stones hurled at you to accomplish something exceptional,” the movie’s inspirational message reads.

#8 Million Dollar Baby

An inspiring tale for women to observe to lift their spirits and help them succeed in life. It is a remarkable tale of a determined woman who competes with a trainer to excel in her profession. The moral of the tale is that “if you have a strong enough will,” nothing can stop you.

#9 Rocky

The plot of the film Rocky centers on a fighter who battles mightily to win the match. Through this film, a powerful inspirational message of “nothing is impossible if you fight hard for it” is delivered. It also helps us realize that everyone has hidden abilities that, given the right circumstances, can be brought to light.

#10 The Pursuit Of Happyness

Based on the real-life events of Christopher Gardner. Gardner has significantly invested in a “bone density scanner,” which measures bone density. Selling these gadgets makes him feel successful. However, they cost much more and are only slightly better than X-rays, so they do not sell well. 

Gardner loses his apartment, and his wife departs him as he struggles to make ends meet. Gardner, compelled to live on the streets with his son, keeps selling bone density scanners and is also pursuing an unpaid internship in stockbroking with little chance of progression. Before being paid, he must dominate the competition by preparing for six months and selling his inventions.

Final Words 

In conclusion, movies can inspire, motivate, and help us focus on our goals. The 10 movies listed in this blog are just a few examples of films that can provide the necessary boost to keep us moving forward when we face challenges or setbacks. 

Each movie has a unique story, message, and perspective, but they all share a common thread of resilience, perseverance, and determination. Whether you’re an athlete, entrepreneur, student, or simply someone looking to improve your life, these movies offer valuable lessons and insights into what it takes to achieve success. 

They remind us that success is not always easy, but it’s possible if we stay focused on our goals, work hard, and never give up. So, the next time you’re feeling unmotivated or stuck, consider watching one of these inspiring movies to get back on track. Who knows, it might just be your motivation to achieve your dreams and goals.

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