How UltraViewer Stacks Up As A Free Alternative To AnyDesk For Remote Work?

You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about remote work by now. Furthermore, analysts predict remote work will be the dominant working trend shortly. Remote work allows you to be released from a fixed position in the office and work outside. 

You can work from home, a cafe, or a hotel while on a business trip or in another nation as long as you complete your work schedule. But, this remote working has multiple challenges. And to resolve those challenges, remote work software is the ultimate solution. 

There is much such software. And the most popular among these is AnyDesk. You must have heard of it. So, before diving deep into this AnyDesk Vs. UltraViewer comparison let’s understand the need for remote access. 

Why Do You Need Remote Computer Access?

When working remotely, there are no geographical constraints. All you need is a PC with a stable internet connection which allows remote access to a computer in the office. And the ability to access it remotely from an office device. You may need to access a remote computer in the following situations:

  • Limit working in congested areas

You cannot leave the accommodation area because of the complicated scenario of the pandemic conditions in your area. You must work from home to safeguard people’s health and safety. Assuming you are a designer, you must use the office computer to retrieve data files and complete your task.

  • Working all over the country

You applied for a job that fits your skills and education well. The corporate headquarters, however, is hundreds of kilometers from where you reside, and you are unwilling to work so far away from your family. If your firm permits you to work from home, you may require remote computer access software.

  • Support from around the world

You work as an IT technician, computer repair technician, software installation and manuals staff, teacher, a teacher who corrects designs and graphics remotely for students, software control engineers at the plant, and so on.

  • Supervision and management

You are on a business trip but require access to the office computer. You are the department head who needs to manage, check and supervise staff work on short notice. Remote computer access software will make your job a lot easier.

As a result, the demand for remote desktop access is rather high across a wide range of fields and sectors. It will allow organizations and people to work more efficiently while saving time and money. You can now work remotely with comfort, security, and freedom.

Comparative Analysis Of UltraViewer And AnyDesk 

UltraViewer and AnyDesk are two of the most popular free remote access tools on the market, and they are regarded as viable free alternatives to TeamViewer. This post will compare the free versions of UltraViewer and AnyDesk to help you decide which is best for your needs.

  • Ease Of Use

Ease of use is the first thing to consider while picking remote desktop software. Both UltraViewer and AnyDesk have basic interfaces and are easy to use. UltraViewer offers a more intuitive and simple user interface that makes it easier for users to complete activities. 

The main blue color interface, similar to Facebook or Twitter, makes users feel more at ease and allows them to operate more efficiently. AnyDesk, on the other hand, has a bit more complicated UI that takes some getting used to.

  • Free Version

This is one of the primary differences between UltraViewer’s free edition and AnyDesk. UltraViewer is free to use without constraints on the object, purpose, or length of use. It is free to use for personal or business users and for commercial or non-commercial purposes. 

AnyDesk’s free version has a time limit. It is not free for non-commercial usage and will limit your sessions and time if you use it for an extended period. The statement “Anydesk ads have been identified” annoys many Anydesk users. Also, a license is required for businesses.

  • Security Concerns 

Security is a major concern regarding remote desktop solutions. UltraViewer and AnyDesk both offer safe connections with end-to-end encryption for complete protection. Only by entering your ID and password from the software can anyone access the remote computer.

You can also monitor your colleagues’s actions and terminate the control session anytime. UltraViewer and AnyDesk offer quick and dependable connections with little lag. However, UltraViewer has a minor speed advantage due to a stronger compression method.

  • Additional Features

In terms of features, UltraViewer and AnyDesk are comparable. Both allow you to remotely view your desktop from anywhere worldwide, supporting multiple displays, regardless of time or geography. Both offer simple and quick remote file transfer.

UltraViewer offers certain additional functions that AnyDesk does not. Its innovative chat feature prompts chat messages to assist you in reducing dull, repetitive tasks and increasing work efficiency. This chat function makes communicating easier for you and your remote companion.

Point of ComparisonAnyDeskUltraViewer
User InterfaceA bit complicatedEasy to understand & use
Free AccessLicense is required by the businessesFree to all
Chat FacilityNoYes
Operating System CompatibilityAvailable for numerous operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOSOnly accessible on Windows and will be published on other platforms.
Yearly License Price$154.8 for Solo$310.8 for Standard$814.8 for Advanced$47.88 for Lite$71.88 for Professional $95.88 for Premium

When we compare UltraViewer and AnyDesk, we can see that both systems have advantages and disadvantages. UltraViewer is more user-friendly because it is free for any purpose and time. It also features a lower price tag for the paid edition. 

Why Prefer UltraViewer Over AnyDesk?

UltraViewer and AnyDesk are relatively easy to use, with intuitive interfaces and simple setup processes. AnyDesk offers more advanced features than UltraViewer, such as session recording, file transfer, and remote printing. 

However, UltraViewer does offer some features that AnyDesk does not, such as remote reboot and shutdown. UltraViewer and AnyDesk offer fast, reliable connections with minimal latency and high-quality video and audio.

UltraViewer and AnyDesk use end-to-end encryption to protect data transmissions, making them secure options for remote work. Overall, UltraViewer is a free alternative to AnyDesk for remote work, particularly for basic remote desktop needs. 

However, if you require more advanced features, AnyDesk may be a better option, even with its paid plans. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on your specific remote work requirements and preferences.

Zest Of The Article

All these amazing features make it an excellent solution for consumers on a tight budget. AnyDesk, on the other hand, is a more economical solution for consumers that need cross-platform compatibility and advanced capabilities.

In conclusion, selecting a remote desktop solution is ultimately determined by your needs and preferences. Regarding usability, security, and performance, both UltraViewer and AnyDesk are excellent solutions. 

Yet, if you value endless freebies and low cost, UltraViewer may be a better option. Download and try UltraViewer right now!

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