How To Take Care Of Your Periods In Winter?

Winters are the coziest and the best season of all. Despite being the favorite of many people, the season brings a lot of hardships, especially for women. Yes, it’s true. The girls or women reading this blog can relate to this point.¬†Whether it is about having dry skin, dry lips, or painful cramps during periods, all of these conditions are havoc for females. Period pain may become much more excruciating if it occurs during the wintertime. Winter season can seriously disrupt your mood and your cycle.¬†

Unfortunately, this happens to many women, and the cramps can make you want to curl up and stay buried in bed the entire time. Do you find your menstrual cramps are becoming out of hand, particularly during the year’s colder months? If yes, then we fully get it! 

What Are The Reasons Behind This Worse Condition During Winter?

Period cramps are made worse by the chilly weather. One of the primary factors is the tendency to be less active and enter a state of hibernation during the colder winter months. Eating oily and junk food is another reason. There are many additional factors which are – 

1. Insufficient Vitamin D

Winter is when individuals spend more time indoors, which might make period pain more prevalent for those who experience it. It reduces the amount of sunlight you are exposed to, which impacts your vitamin D levels. 

Inadequate exposure to sunlight has also been shown to harm the thyroid gland, which in turn has been linked to hormonal imbalance and severe menstrual cramping. It overall impacts your health drastically. 

2. Contraction Of Arteries

If it is cold outdoors, your arteries will constrict. This contraction reduces the amount of blood that can flow through them. It will cause your heart to work much harder to pump blood through the rest of your body. Because of this, vasoconstriction takes place.

As a result, there is less space available within the blood vessels that have been affected. When the volume of the blood channel decreases, blood flow decreases as a result. Consequently, you can feel more pain and uneasiness. 

3. Decrease In FSH

Compared to summer, the winter months see a reduction in the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) secreted, which may contribute to longer cycles. The frequency of ovulation can also drastically decrease. 

The combination of lower ovulation rates and longer cycles during the winter months may be caused mainly by a hormonal imbalance triggered during the winter months. It ultimately induces extreme pain during the winter periods.

4. Lower Blood Volume

At the same time, the force or resistance to the flow of blood is increased, which ultimately leads to an increase in blood pressure. There is also a condition called seasonal affective disorder, which can cause mood fluctuations and sadness.

What Are The Symptoms Caused During Painful Winter Periods? 

Let’s look at it, and remember that you should talk to your OB/GYN about it if you experience these symptoms.

  • Longer Periods

According to a research study published in 2011, menstrual cycles are 0.9 days shorter during the summer than during the winter. The reason for this is increased hormone secretion and an increased frequency of ovulation during warmer months and time spent in the sun.

  • Weakened Immunity

Some people experience a natural weakening of their immune systems throughout the winter months. It, of course, renders you more vulnerable to getting sick with colds and viruses. Changes in the uterus lining can affect the onset and duration of periods.

  • Disturbed Hormones

The fact that there is less daylight in the winter can substantially impact a woman’s menstrual cycle. It can cause the thyroid and the endocrine system to slow down, contributing to a slower metabolism and longer durations of time.

  • Period Pain

In the winter, you may also find that the pain of your period is intensified. It’s likely because chilly temperatures cause your blood vessels to constrict, which might impede blood flow and contribute to an increase in period discomfort.

How Can You Fight The Symptoms Of The Painful Winter Period?

You have probably discovered what helps to alleviate your period’s symptoms, and you are aware that some of the discomforts associated with your period may be inevitable. There are techniques to protect yourself from experiencing some erratic and excruciating symptoms.

We are providing here some ways to treat such symptoms if they occur. The blood vessels can be helped by using a heating pad or a warm bath, which can alleviate the period of discomfort you experience. In addition, maintaining an active lifestyle can make a huge difference.

You can do much with just a little sunlight and fresh air. Cramping can also be alleviated by avoiding foods that induce gas and bloating. Consume a wide variety of nutritious foods, focusing on those high in vitamin B6 and magnesium, and drink a lot of water.

Here are 10 helpful tips to alleviate the discomfort of menstruation during winter:

  • Add turmeric to your diet

The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects of turmeric can be beneficial for addressing gastrointestinal issues. You may use turmeric in soups, curry, vegetables, and even milk. It will also help you strengthen your immune system.

  • Stay hydrated sufficiently

The discomfort caused by menstrual cramps might be made worse by bloating that occurs throughout that time of the month. Getting rid of the ache would be easier if you drink sufficient water. Similarly, drinking hot water can help improve blood circulation and relax muscles.

  • Go for herbal teas

Due to the anti-inflammatory characteristics of chamomile, fennel, or ginger tea, drinking it can help alleviate the pain associated with your period. In addition, the beneficial properties of herbal teas can assist you in achieving a state of relaxation and relieving tension. 

  • Remember to turn the heat up

Take a warm bath, use a heating pad on your stomach, or place hot water or a heating pad there. Heat has the effect of increasing the amount of blood that flows to the area, and it also has the effect of relaxing the muscles that are contracting, which is what causes pain.

  • Ensure exercising regularly

Exercising can help you feel happier, alleviate pain, and relax your muscles simultaneously by releasing endorphins into your system. Because endorphins are nature’s painkillers, this is why. Avoid heavy lifts, as they can increase your back pain. 

  • Get a relieving massage

Because massages help the uterus relax, they can minimize uterine spasms. The area around the belly should be the primary focus of massage. However, make sure to put only a little force into it. Everyone could benefit from a soothing massage once in a while.

  • Practice yoga daily

You must practice yoga daily if you want to get rid of menstrual cramps. It is the only way to do it. It may improve your general health and the discomfort of your periods. Some yoga postures like infant pose, pigeon pose, and corpse pose are beneficial during periods. 

  • Avoid junk food

Reduce your consumption of meals like pizza, pasta, Chinese cuisine, French fries, frozen foods, goods from the bakery, and drinks to relieve cramps. They are known to disrupt the menstrual cycle and can cause a person to have erratic mood swings.

  • Use aromas to relieve 

If you choose the proper aromas, it can lessen the amount of discomfort that you feel. A candle or aroma diffuser with lavender or your preferred fragrance can provide significant welcome relief. You can also go for a relieving body massage with essential oils. 

  • Intake vitamin D

Be sure to consume a diet rich in vitamin D3, particularly in the days leading up to the start of your menstruation. You should consume cereals, orange juice, and fatty fish such as tuna or salmon. Expose your body to sunlight to intake vitamin D naturally. 


Periods are a natural foe to females. But, by adopting these tips during winter, you can relieve yourself greatly from the painful periods. Stay hydrated and take proper rest despite being inactive. Have a happy winter period!!

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