Which Is The Best Apple iPhone For You In 2022?

Although Apple always launches a new iPhone in the fall, you might not need or want the most recent features. It can be difficult to choose an iPhone because Apple continues to sell several previous models at cheaper costs each year. It’s vital to choose the best iPhone in 2022 that is suited to the way you use your phone rather than simply choosing one based on pricing. 

There is no actual “best” iPhone due to the wide range of needs, finances, and preferences. Nevertheless, some are superior to others. Apple now offers eight different iPhone models that date back to 2020 with the advent of the iPhone 14 series and the sunsetting of the older models like iPhone 11, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max.

People consider the iPhone 14 Pro Max as the best iPhone in 2022. Prices for the 2022 iPhone SE start from $429 and go as high as $1,599 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max with a massive 1TB of storage. Some phones also have an activation charge of $30, although this money is eliminated if you activate your iPhone with a carrier at the time of purchase. 

Features To Look For In The Best iPhone In 2022

The parameters you use to select an iPhone differ significantly from those used to select the finest iPad or Mac for your needs. Because the iPhone is such a personal device that you often take with you and use all day. However, the iPhone is more than just a phone; it is also a pocket computer with a sophisticated camera system. 

For many individuals, it serves as their primary means of memory preservation. Five different iPhone models are currently available from Apple, and two of those models come in various sizes, giving customers a total of eight possibilities except considering choices of colour and internal storage.

For many individuals, it serves as their primary means of memory preservation. Five different iPhone models are currently available from Apple, and two of those models come in various sizes, giving customers a total of eight possibilities except for the choices of colour and storage. Given below are some important features the best iPhone in 2022 must possess –



The cameras on the iPhone are the only feature that gets better each year. The basic iPhone 14 only has two cameras, however, the Pro models have three, including a telephoto lens that is quite useful. In contrast, the non-Pro models only have ultra-wide and wide-angle lenses. The main camera of the iPhone 14 Pro version has 48 megapixels.



The iPhone SE, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, the iPhone 14 Plus, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are the three sizes available for this year’s models. These displays are, in order, 4.7″, 6.1″, and 6.7″. The Plus and Max models are undoubtedly enormous, and some have referred to them as “clown-shoe-sized iPhones.” 

The Pro Max will resemble a little iPad if you have small hands. However, if you want the largest display and have large hands or pockets, or if you always carry your iPhone in a handbag or backpack, the iPhone 14 Plus or iPhone 14 Pro Max is for you. The iPhone SE (3rd generation) is a decent option to consider if you don’t want any Pro features.


Apple presently offers the iPhone SE for the lowest price (3rd generation). Without any extras, the iPhone costs $429 and includes everything you require. You don’t get an “edge-to-edge” display, you don’t get Face ID (this model has a touch ID), and this display is relatively modest at 4.7 inches. 

The size of the display is a limiting constraint, but it boasts Apple’s A15 processor, so it is fairly speedy. However, the iPhone is incredibly lightweight and can fit in even the smallest pockets. Apple continues to only offer the 6.1′′-sized iPhone 12 for sale. With a dual-camera setup, Face ID, and more, this two-year-old model is a good compromise at $599. 

Given that the price of the third-generation iPhone SE, which was released in March 2022, increased by $30 over the prior model, the iPhone 12 might represent a better value. It sports a substantially larger display and Face ID while having an older chipset. The iPhone 13 features a one-generation-newer processor and a more durable ceramic shield front for a little bit more. 

The starting storage capacity for the iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and all other variants is 128 GB. The price of the device rises when additional storage is added. Because Apple has set the pricing such that you may have a few more features for a few more dollars, choosing an iPhone might be a difficult decision.



The newest iPhone models start at 128 GB, while the iPhone 14 Pro may be configured for up to 1 TB. But if you require this much storage, you are aware that you must make a payment. The only time you could require 1 TB of storage is if you frequently capture videos, especially those in ProRes, which is supported by the iPhone 14 Pro models. 

Apple won’t even let you shoot ProRes in 4K unless your iPhone has at least 256 GB of storage because this video format consumes so much data (6 GB per minute for 4K and 1.7 GB per minute for 1080p). To maximise the capacity of the iPhone 14 Pro variants, budget an additional $500 so that you can get that extra space. 

Even if you don’t shoot in ProRes, but do a lot of video shooting and your current iPhone is getting low on storage, think about upgrading. You might not experience any issues if you upgrade from a 64 GB iPhone to an iPhone 14, which has 128 GB, but you should look at how much space you’re currently using and you might use considerably more space in a year or two.


You might choose an iPhone model with the best battery life if you plan to be active all day.  There are three different battery life ratings for the iPhone 14 Pro: 23, 20, and 75 hours. These figures decrease to 20 hours, 16 hours, and 80 hours when comparing the simple iPhone 14 to higher-end models.  

The iPhone 14 Pro Max, the most recent model, tops the charts with up to 95 hours of audio playback, 25 hours of streaming video, and up to 29 hours of video playback. Unless you disabled features like wi-fi and Bluetooth and muted the screen, it would be difficult to keep an iPhone running for 95 hours, but these figures serve as an indication.

However, you can reduce battery life by using a battery pack, such as Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack, a third-party MagSafe Battery Pack, or any power bank that you attach to the phone with a USB > Lightning cable. It’s quite useful to know that you can keep your iPhone running all day without needing to be charged.

Evaluation Of iPhone 14 As The Best iPhone in 2022

As per our evaluation of the iPhone 14, it is effectively an iPhone 13 with the processor and primary camera of an iPhone 13 Pro. The fact that the iPhone 14 isn’t significantly different from earlier versions will undoubtedly disappoint some people. However, that adds to its appeal. One of the secrets to Apple’s success with the iPhone has been familiarity. 

Furthermore, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” as the adage goes. The best features of the iPhone 14 may never be seen or used, but that isn’t always a negative thing. Included in this is Crash Detection, which can alert emergency personnel when a car accident occurs. You can access Emergency SOS by Satellite.

It enables you to send messages to emergency dispatchers from locations without cell service using a satellite. The interior of the iPhone 14 has been overhauled, even though its flat-sided exterior is almost comparable to that of the iPhone 12 and 13 and features a ceramic shield coating and a water-resistant body. 

Since it is no longer connected to the internals, the back glass of the 14 is simpler and more reasonably priced to repair. All iPhone 14 series phones only have a new selfie camera with autofocus for the first time. You may update Cinematic mode to take 4K video at 24 frames per second, add the new Action mode for video stabilisation, and have a great iOS 16. 


The majority of individuals don’t regularly upgrade their iPhones. If so, think about enrolling in Apple’s iPhone upgrade program, which entitles you to a new phone each year and gives you the option to trade in your old one. Additionally, you receive AppleCare+ as part of that program, guaranteeing that iPhone repairs are affordable. 

However, if you only upgrade every two to three years, your choice will have a considerably greater impact on the future. You have a wide range of choices, so don’t worry about choosing an older model just to save money. Almost everyone can use any of the iPhones that Apple sells. Go buy the best iPhone in 2022 for yourself.

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