Karjat Farm House – The Best Place To Spend Your Christmas Vacation

Christmas is around the corner, and everyone is planning a family vacation. And this year, Christmas is the best weekend to go out with your friends or family. And it makes much more sense if the property is lovely, peaceful, and nearby.

If you are living somewhere near Mumbai, Pune, or any other location, then Karjat is the best place to spend your Christmas vacation. It is without a doubt a popular tourist destination in the region, with a focus on recreation, entertainment, and numerous outdoor activities.

There are several resorts in Karjat for families. The main draws for all visitors include spa resorts, golf courses, parks, and first-rate facilities for hiking, boating, fishing, etc. You can use a taxi or your vehicle to get to this lovely getaway. 

We advise you to plan this with your group because it is a large site. But wait, you must be thinking of which resort to choose for your stay in Karjat. Don’t you worry; Karjat Farm House will help you enjoy your vacations with the least possible expenditure.

Karjat Farm House must be at the top of your list.

Karjat Farm House is a boutique farmhouse featuring cottage accommodations, making it the ideal weekend retreat. A perfect blend of exclusivity, serenity, and beauty, the property has several opulent farmhouses, each of which can accommodate all your  

Each cottage is positioned so that you can see the surrounding lush greenery. Each rustic-style cabin has air conditioning and televisions. You can swim around in the pool, practice yoga and meditation, and do some outdoor activities just steps from the cottage. 

We have the best farmhouse in Karjat with a swimming pool. Additionally, you have the option of going on nature hikes, biking, or simply relaxing in their on-site garden to finish up any unfinished reading.

What’s best? Pets are welcome at our farmhouse. You will get the food included in your package. Our expert chefs will let you enjoy the most serene and delicious dishes of Maharashtra along with several other North Indian, South Indian, and other cuisines.

Another benefit of staying at the Karjat Farm House is that we are the only low-budget farmhouse in Karjat. While visiting here with a friend or family member, you do not need to empty your pockets or bank accounts.

You can also choose us if you are planning a soulful visit with your beloved or you want to spend some quality time with your spouse. Karjat resorts for couples are the best and most romantic place. You can even plan a surprise for your lovely wife with us.

What Else Is There To Do In Karjat? 

  • Explore the magnificent Kondana Caves

Those who are interested in history and are looking for things to do in Karjat can take an exploration tour to the mysterious Kondana Caves. From Kondana village, it takes around an hour of hiking to reach these old rock-cut caverns.

These stunning caves, which are perched on a hilltop and surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, are home to numerous fascinating Buddhist stupas and sculptures. finitely enjoy the lush green surroundings at this time. 

  • Paying respects at the historic Kondeshwar Temple 

Visiting Kondeshwar Temple is among the top activities for spiritual seekers to do in Karjat. This stunning temple is home to a captivating Shivling and is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. It is tucked away in the breathtaking Sahyadri Highlands.

The temple is a stunning sight to behold, lying next to a riverside, next to a waterfall, and surrounded by luxuriant green foliage. You must visit here if you are going with your family or if you are a newlywed couple seeking God’s blessings for your bright future together.


Pack your bags and travel to this tranquil location for a restful weekend. Book Karjat Farm House or hire Karjat villa for rent and relax in the serene surroundings. Have a great Christmas vacation ahead.

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