Top 5 Smartwatches With The Best Bluetooth Calling Feature

The abundance of reasonably priced smartwatches on the market has been excellent news for consumers. There are currently numerous models at a range of affordable prices. In addition, as more recent brands have entered the market, there has been an improvement in the features. 

Customers can pick from various models depending on what they want, including versions with different sports modes, health features, or battery backup. Similarly, there are several choices for people looking for a smartwatch with a Bluetooth voice-calling feature. 

These also contain several reasonably priced options. In this article, we are sharing the top 5 smartwatches with the best Bluetooth calling feature. But moving towards our final destination, we will first understand this smartwatch Bluetooth calling feature.  

What Is A Smartwatch With Bluetooth Calling Feature?

Who wouldn’t want to wear a smartwatch with a calling feature that is incredibly realistic and extremely practical? Of course, we would! A Bluetooth calling smartwatch is a wristwatch that enables full calling capability through your watch. 

A Bluetooth smartwatch with a call feature removes the requirement to have your smartwatch plugged into your earpiece to listen to and participate in calls. Such Bluetooth calling watches offer you the best hands-free call experience straight out of a James Bond movie.

It implies that you can respond to calls directly through the watch’s interface using the built-in voice and microphone when you receive call notifications. Thanks to the speaker and microphone on board which helps users to take care of their important calls without any issues. 

Why Should You Consider Buying A Smartwatch with A Bluetooth Calling Function?

Having a smartwatch that can make calls sounds fantastic. After all, only a few people can say they wear a cool gadget on their wrist that enables them to communicate with the outside world using high-quality audio and a microphone. 

Why, then, should you consider switching to a Bluetooth-calling smartwatch? You should consider the following three factors before deciding to buy a smartphone with a Bluetooth calling feature – 

  • You prefer hands-free calling and wish to advance it

According to users, the ability to quickly respond and attend calls is the main benefit of Bluetooth smartwatch calling. No more digging around in your pockets for your bulky smartphone, especially when your hands are bound or you’re in a tight location. 

Stop attempting to adjust your earpiece. Tap the screen of your smartwatch to start speaking right away. The greatest smartwatches with calling capabilities frequently contain a microphone and speaker of the highest caliber to enable crystal-clear listening and speaking.

  • You desire a calling function that is more seamless

What if your smartwatch’s earpiece cannot effectively connect, especially in a crowded area? What if your earpiece battery runs out during or just before a call? Bluetooth calling watches increase the dependability and efficiency of your hands-free calls.

  • You desire the smartest smartwatch around 

Is there a better sensation than wowing your friends with a sleek, fashionable smartwatch with a calling feature? You should consider purchasing a Bluetooth calling smartwatch for that reason alone, the future smartwatch with a call feature that you cannot wait to showcase!

Top 5 Smartwatches With Bluetooth Calling Features

#1 Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro @ Rs 23999

With a longer battery life than Apple Watch, Samsung’s most recent Galaxy Watch 5 Pro delivers many of the same cutting-edge health tracking functions, including blood oxygen monitoring and sleep tracking. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro now has a skin temperature sensor.

It also has body composition readings and other features generally found in high-end GPS sports watches that cost twice as much as the Watch 5 Pro. We used the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for a few weeks while completing our in-depth evaluation and found it the best.

#2 Amazfit GTR 2 2022 @ Rs 11,999

This latest Amazfit 2022 model includes Bluetooth calling functionality. It boasts a 1.39-inch AMOLED display on a circular dial. It provides several health-related capabilities, including monitoring of blood-oxygen levels, sleep quality, and heart rate. 

It features a 3GB local music storage capacity. According to the manufacturer, the new GTR 2’s battery life can last up to 11 days with regular use and 6 days with severe use. You can get great voice quality with this smartwatch. 

#3 Fire-Boltt Ring @ Rs 4999

Another smartwatch with a SpO2 sensor is the Fire-Boltt Ring. The device has a metal shell and a 1.7-inch HD display with 2.5D curved glass. The smartwatch has several sports modes and claims to have a battery life of up to 8 days on a single charge. 

For calling, it has a built-in speaker and microphone. A 1.28-inch circular display with a 240 x 240-pixel resolution is present on the smartwatch. You will receive a SpO2 monitor, a continuous heart rate monitor, and meditative breathing. It is also dust- and water-resistant.

#4 Boat Watch Prima @ Rs Rs 4,499

The Boat Watch Prima sports a 1.3-inch round display with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. It has Bluetooth calling capabilities. It is an AMOLED panel with a metallic frame on top. It offers several health features, including a heart rate monitor and sleep tracker. 

It also has a SpO2 sensor for measuring blood oxygen levels. The smartwatch has an IP67 water-resistant rating and up to 7 days of battery life on a single charge. Overall this watch is beautiful and versatile. You will love it. 

#5 Zebronics Zeb-FIT4220CH @ Rs 3,999

The system enables users to make and accept phone calls directly from their smartwatch. The gadget also has a built-in speaker and microphone. Seven distinct sports modes are available on the 1.2-inch TFT touchscreen display of the Zebronics Zeb-FIT4220CH

The smartwatch has over 100 interchangeable watch faces and an IP67 rating, making it water-resistant. The smartwatch can also measure sleep, steps taken, and calories burnt, and you can use it to operate your camera and music. It is the most affordable smartwatch. 

Final Words 

These are the best smartwatches with calling features available in India in 2022. But these are not the only ones. You can find multiple options in the market. We hope that our ranking of the top smartwatches with Bluetooth calling features has assisted you in making a decision. 

After careful consideration, in-depth examination of each device, and comparison of all of them, we carefully chose the top smartwatches with calling capabilities available in India. Before picking any of the smartwatches with calling features, double-check the specifications.

Be prompt! Enjoy your shopping.

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