Utility Of Petroleum Jelly In Winters

Winter is just a few days away. I get excited thinking about cold weather, chilly breeze, cold nights, and sunbathing. Christmas and new year’s evenings bring a nostalgic feeling of childhood. When grandmother used to make plum cakes for all the kids in our house. Another exciting thing about winter is my favorite cardigans and sweatshirts.

Apart from the chilled cozy time, winter brings dry skin to us, and I think this is the biggest concern in Winters for all of us, especially people with dry skin. So moisturizers are the most important thing for our skin in Winters. Petroleum jelly is the most common Winters moisturizer that protects our skin. Even in my childhood, my mom used to take care of my skin by applying Petroleum Jelly on my skin to prevent it from cracking. And this is the secret of my hydrated radiant skin. Even today, I use petroleum jelly for various purposes.

 In this blog, we will talk about the 8 reasons why you should use petroleum jelly in Winters and how your skin will benefit from it.

 What is petroleum jelly?

Before talking about benefits and uses, let’s know a little bit more about petroleum jelly.

Petroleum jelly, or petroleum jelly-based products, is used in a variety of ways. They’re commonly used in cosmetics as a moisturizer and to protect the skin, as well as to keep skin soft and supple. Petroleum jelly is also used to soothe a variety of minor skin problems, including dry skin, itching, chapping, eczema, psoriasis, and sunburn. 

The petroleum jelly is often found in the baby departments in pharmacies, and can be applied to the baby’s bottom so it doesn’t get a diaper rash, or to the baby’s face to help reduce the appearance of dry skin.

Uses Of Petroleum Jelly For Skin

It is essential to take good care of your skin during Winters as it gets dry. Many skin problems occur when your skin is dry, it may lead to wrinkles, chipped lips, early aging, and dullness. 

A common and very affordable product you can find to beat all these problems is Vaseline or Petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly has multiple uses for the skin, if you do not know keep reading this article.

The most common use of petroleum jelly for skin is to beat dry skin. Dry skin causes itching, flaking, cracking, and even causes wrinkles at an early age. Since we have a lot of products to treat dry skin like jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, almond oil, glycerin, etc. 

Petroleum jelly is created from a special composition that can deeply hydrate your dry skin and heal it in just a few days. You can apply a prominent amount of jelly evenly, spread it and leave it overnight. You will see visible results in the morning. Petroleum jelly works wonders for dry and chapped skin.

Using petroleum jelly as a lip balm

Another popular use of petroleum jelly is to treat chapped and dry lips. But Dr. Gurveen Waraich Garekar has claimed that vaseline petroleum jelly is an occlusive that can only lock in moisture but cannot add any moisturizer to the lips. 

In fact, frequent use of petroleum jelly on dry lips can make them even drier and lead to darker lips. The best way to use jelly is to first apply a layer of moisturizer or a lip balm that contains a hydrating agent and then set it with a layer of petroleum jelly. 

Used For Wound Healing

Petroleum jelly is used to heal minor wounds such as scratches, scrapes, cuts, and chaffing to keep these wounds moist. As we know wounds take a long time to heal when they are dry, so petroleum jelly keeps these wounds hydrated and moist and fastens up the process of healing. It also prevents scars from getting too deep into the skin.

Can Be Used As Cuticles

You can use petroleum jelly on your nails and cuticles in between polish if you get manicures and pedicures frequently. It can minimize the brittleness of your nails and make them less likely to break. Apply it on your damp nails for the greatest results.

Use Petroleum Jelly As Makeup Remover

A lot of makeup products can react differently on our skin and that is why it is extremely important to remove your makeup as soon as you come home. Many argue to use wet tissues, but wet tissues can dig makeup products into your skin and make it dry. 

It is important to give your skin hydration after washing off your makeup. If you are too tired to wash off your face, take some amount of vaseline and apply it on your face to remove makeup. Petroleum jelly will work in two ways: first, as a makeup remover, and second, gives your skin the required hydration to prevent it from any damage.

Uses Of Petroleum Jelly For Hair

There are various uses of petroleum jelly for hair as well. Keep reading this blog to discover more.

Prevent Split Ends

You won’t believe me but petroleum jelly can really help prevent split ends and make your hair shiner. Many factors can make your hair freezy and dry and dryness could cause split ends.  To prevent split ends, just rub some petroleum jelly on your hands and apply it to the tips of your hair.

Can Treat Freezy Hair

If your hair is naturally frizzy, try using vaseline to style your hair. A little bit of vaseline, around the size of a pea, may help restore moisture to dry hair.

It will help lock in moisture without making hair crunchy or oily as some other styling products do. Applying some Vaseline will smooth down the frizzy hair and allow it to lay flat.


Petroleum jelly’s uses are pretty simple. It is used to keep your skin and hair healthy. Petroleum jelly has many benefits for your skin. It is a multipurpose moisturizer that contains more than 90 percent mineral oil. This is a clear, semi-solid, jelly-like substance with a waxy consistency. It is derived from petroleum and has a specific gravity of 0.877. 

In short, petroleum jelly is a hero product you can include in your cosmetics today. The countless uses and benefits make it a multipurpose product plus it is affordable also.

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