Top 10 Stunning Wedding Outfits For  Men Inspired By Celebrities

The days when the only options for wedding outfits for men were safari suits, kurtas, or beige and gold sherwanis are long gone. Today’s grooms have the same variety of clothing selections as their predecessors. All thanks to our forward-thinking Indian designers, who continually introduce us to modern styles, distinctive colours, and daring prints. 

They elevate the groom’s fashion landscape each time. Many options are available to you, ranging from unorthodox sherwanis, achkans, and angrakhas to avant-garde clothing like tuxedos and bandhgalas with stretched silhouettes. However, deciding what dress type you want to wear on your special day is crucial before choosing one for yourself. 

Decide whether you want to wear everything conventional or something elegant and modern on your wedding day. Consider your wedding style for men as well. Nothing would be more appropriate for, let’s say, wedding outfits for men a royal and lavish palace wedding than a custom sherwani with elaborate decorations or belted features will be the best. But a chic tuxedo suit will work fine if it’s a traditional Catholic ceremony.

This blog has been carefully chosen to simplify your wedding planning. We’ve compiled a selection of fashionable and modern wedding outfits for men inspired by top celebrities of India. We have everyone covered, whether it be the recently wedded Ranbir Kapoor or our very own Virat Kohli. So, drive by and choose your favourite one right away!

Top 10 Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Outfits For Men

#1 Shahid Kapoor’s White Sherwani

Sasha was seen wearing a white sherwani covered with a grey print. In 2016, he wed Meera Rajput. Unlike the customary Indian wedding attire, which is full of vibrant and striking colours, the groom’s wedding attire was elegant and calming to the eyes. Also, his beard added to his charming look. He had kept his outfit simple by wearing none of the accessories.  

#2 Ranbir Kapoor’s Royal Attire 

Ranbir Kapoor’s wedding is one of the recent buzzes. He kept his wedding outfit simple yet royal. His wedding attire is the ideal illustration of effortless style combined with heritage. It is elegant and distinctly royal. This immaculate off-white sherwani and matching angrakha will inspire you if you’re a groom who enjoys letting your bride enjoy the limelight and have a “no-fuss” approach when it comes to clothes.

#3 Anand Ahuja’s Magnificent Achkan 

Anand Ahuja set the standard for versatile wardrobe choices by choosing a traditional bronze-hued sherwani for his wedding. Grooms everywhere can learn from his example. He stayed comfortable and distinguished himself from the crowd by choosing accessories that gave an original touch, such as wearing these ruby and pearl necklaces along with this royal safa.

#4 Rohanpreet Singh’s Elegant Touch

Rohanpreet avoided the traditional white or golden colour for his wedding attire, opting instead for a baby pink bandhgala with a grey tone adorned with a delicately embroidered pink dupatta and silver buttons for a hint of glitz. The beautiful white pearl necklace added glamour to his look. This dress checks all the necessary boxes for the guy who wants to make a statement without overshadowing his bride.

#5 Rajkumar Rao’s Traditional Look

Opting for a plain off-white sherwani, as Rajkumar did in his wedding, for summer weddings is one of the simplest choices. Incorporate some floral garlands to your wedding attire. It is often among the foremost recent trends that have left even the most fashion-forward intimidated we are crushing over the print clash. The simplest part is that your outfit will be the town’s talk for several years!

#6 Vicky Kaushal’s Golden Bandhgala

Vicky & Katrina had recently tied the knot. Vicky chose this golden shade bandhgala which is considerably in fashion lately and no surprise in the least since it’s amazing on an Indian groom. It’s a great alternative for males who want a more contemporary appearance without losing their ethnic flair. You can pair your Bandhgala with regular pants that either match your suit’s colour or completely contrast.

#7 Ranveer Singh’s Crimson Sherwani 

Ranveer Singh again showed his versatility when he married Deepika Padukone by sporting various styles that clashed with one another. He blazed a record in a deep crimson sherwani and priced gem-encrusted jewellery. He was known for his colourful costumes and his Sindhi ceremony. His royal look is great for a royal wedding. 

#8 Virat Kohli’s Rich Appearance 

The picture-perfect Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma wedding motivated many soon-to-wed couples. Virat Kohli was dressed in a sophisticated light-pink sherwani with gold touches, matching his bride’s look head-to-head. This outfit checks all the right boxes with its traditional style: it is romantic, elegant, and yet masculine. The overall look is enhanced by the royal safa worn by Virat. 

#9 Nick Jonas’s Golden Allure 

This golden-shade sherwani kurta features a high neckline, a straight cut and buttons in the centre. In Muslim weddings, the groom typically prefers it, but it has recently become increasingly fashionable among males for all wedding-related events. An extended knee-length coat tailored to a T will make you stand out and look exquisite on your special day!

#10 Karan Singh Grover’s Swag 

White is always right. A pearl white sherwani, like the one Karan Singh Grover is wearing, would make you look elegant and timeless. In addition to being extremely adaptable (you may pair it with other clothing later), simple to accessorise, and offsets your bride regardless of the colour she is wearing, it will also reflect light and make your skin sparkle as you exchange vows.

Wrapping Up 

It’s your big day too! We know your bride will be the centre of attention, but you want to complement your better half and look your best! On your special day, let the Bollywood groom squad show you how to stand out and appear stylish and handsome. Known to wear ethnic ensembles with pitch perfection, these new-age grooms are oozing with talent and fashion soundness of the utmost excellence. 

For all the grooms out there, it’s always nice to keep up with the new outfit trends in Bollywood, even if they’re from the more new and inspiring stars. Dressed in designer fineries, these 10 new-age Bollywood fashionistas have left us speechless with their inspiring ethnic fashion. Go grab a look at your wedding or let your friend or big brother try it in theirs.

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