Major Hurdles In The Growth Of An Online Store

Over the past 2 to 3 years, the eCommerce industry has expanded at a never-before-seen pace. Since the pandemic’s start, companies have seen the potential of e-commerce. Even though the potential seems unmatched, things can be rocky. Businesses encounter a variety of e-commerce issues in a fast-shifting economic environment. You must be cautious of such difficulties if you operate an online store. Here are the top ten eCommerce problems and their respective fixes for the effective growth of an online store.

Significant Challenges In The Growth Of An Online Store 

1. Logistic Issues 

Do you utilize a third-party logistics company or separate your goods and spread it across many warehouses nationwide? One of the main obstacles to overcome in the eCommerce industry is logistics. You must ensure that deliveries are made on schedule as a business owner. 

Your firm may suffer if there are supply chain problems or delivery delays. You will lose a lot of goodwill in this industry if your consumers don’t receive their orders on time. ECommerce shipping is one of the trickiest issues you must address as an online firm. 

You will only be able to launch your company if you can automate your shipping. Tracking each order is a significant issue for most online stores during the holiday shopping rush. You can only give your clients tracking numbers if you use a shipping service with a tracking system. 

2. Conversion Rates

If you’re a merchant that first opened a physical shop, you could discover that operating an online business is a different world with obstacles. The definition of conversion, purchasing both your physical store and your online business, is one item that has yet to change. 

Only some people who visit your website and start looking will convert, just like your business. In a word, your e-conversion store’s rates are the proportion of visitors to your site that purchase your goods. What is the difficulty for newcomer eCommerce retailers? 

They could become discouraged when they find that their conversion rates are in the single digits. Getting higher conversion rates implies that they can get more return on investment and contribute to their online store’s growth. 

3. Consumer Experience

Customer experience will, by the year 2025, be the most important element consumers will consider when choosing a brand. Why does this matter? Customers deemed customer experience to be even more crucial than price and the actual goods.

Your product is just one thing that matters in today’s crowded market. Clients demand more. You must assess the user experience as you establish your brand and develop your company’s reputation. It’s crucial to manage customers’ increasing expectations. 

You must fully grasp what consumers like about your brand. You must focus more on the user experience and apply applicable design principles consistent with your company’s objectives. This e-commerce challenge demands serious consideration and strategy.

4. High-quality Leads

Driving traffic to their online stores is an expensive endeavor for online retailers. To get the most output from your marketing efforts, you must spend a lot of effort generating leads because conversion rates range from 1% to 3%. 

Using tools like Facebook Custom Audiences will help you spread your message and improve your ability to prospect. To convert the correct audience into leads to convert them into customers, retailers must create the appropriate message for that demographic.

Running pay-per-click (PPC) adverts on websites like Google Ads is a successful technique to reach searchers while you build up your SEO ranks. For instance, if you offer running shoes, you could advertise in the “women’s running shoes” search results.

5. Appropriate Technology

Selecting the appropriate technology and partners is also a big challenge. Some online merchants may experience growth difficulties due to their technology’s limitations or the fact that they choose the incorrect partners or agencies to assist them in managing their initiatives.

Retailers need a solid technical basis if they want to flourish. They have to pick the best shopping cart programme, inventory management programme, email programme, CRM programme, analytics programme, and so on.

Additionally, selecting the incorrect partners or companies to manage your marketing initiatives or assist you with project implementation could restrict your growth. Online retailers must be selective about their business partners.

6. Cybersecurity Issues  

Cyberattacks can ruin your brand’s reputation and drive away customers for good by infecting your eCommerce website with viruses and jeopardizing the security of your customers’ critical data. This situation is one of the most challenging problems to solve in the eCommerce industry.

This particular class of e-commerce security concerns is an insecurely built programme. Developers occasionally choose to ignore e-commerce security concerns. Other times, they spend more time putting e-commerce security procedures in place to safeguard the programme.

In the eCommerce industry, having a backup of your whole database and all your files is very important. The general rule is that backups should be conducted more frequently the larger the website. Performing daily backups of all the websites is essential to combat this challenge. 

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7. Client Retention

Every eCommerce player needs help keeping their clientele. Many things, including changing consumer expectations, identical selections, the inability to provide a pleasurable buying experience, and occasional offers being more substantial on competing platforms.

You can blame all this on customer-centric eCommerce challenges. Customer loyalty is crucial to a company’s success, and even a small mistake on the retailer’s part can destroy the reputation of the brand. Many companies need to realize this issue. 

Keeping your customers means using all available communication channels to establish a long-lasting, mutually beneficial connection with them. So, retaining your customers is important in the growth of an online store

8. Voice Search 

In recent years, voice-enabled search has gained tremendous popularity. Experts anticipate a further rise in demand for voice-driven user experiences due to the popularity of items in online markets. Also, it makes online searching more convenient. 

It is not unexpected, given that most voice search queries are made while a person is walking or driving. Or, maybe, when they come across new locations or companies. Finding the best ice cream corners is the goal of searching for “best ice cream corners near me.” 

Optimize your keywords with your city in mind if you run an ice cream store and want to draw in more people. Understanding the importance of user intent is crucial. You can manage it by recognising the potential difficulties and developing a plan for every conceivable circumstance.


Given the difficulties the sector encounters, running your eCommerce firm for the first time might be daunting. No matter what you do, obstacles will be in your way at every turn. You must take responsibility for learning how to handle them. 

Success will come to you if you don’t give up and keep trying. At Webiators Technology, we offer professional guidance on how to deal with these eCommerce challenges. Additionally, our award-winning designers create unique eCommerce web designs.
These designs and interactive e-commerce stores help increase engagement and conversions. So, do not worry and focus on combating these challenges, which are hampering the growth of an online store.

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