What Will Be The Most Popular Smart Home Gadgets In 2022?

By no means is it difficult to construct a smart home. There are many goods available that are simple to set up and, if linked to Wi-Fi, can open up a whole new world of automation, customisations, and organisation for your daily life. These products range from entertainment gear to household appliances. It can be challenging to select a smart home gadgets that best suits your needs and preferences from among the many manufacturers on the market, but that’s where your friends at MyRefers come in. We have a wealth of practical expertise working with smart speakers, monitors, and many other web-connected devices. 

To help you make an informed decision about your upcoming smart home purchase, we’ve combined all of our knowledge into this list of the top smart home gadgets on the market today. Check out our guide on setting up a smart home because we are experts in anything automation-related. Let’s look at this together.

What Is A Smart Home Gadget?

A smart home gadget or accessory is a piece of equipment that allows you to control specific aspects of your house from your smartphone or the internet when connected to a hub. Smart faucets, robot vacuums, smart locks, smart fans, and more are a few examples. These smart gadgets will make your life smooth and comfortable. 

Depending on your needs, there are several smart home gadgets. Do you wish to know who is standing in front of your house? The ideal option for you will be a smart doorbell or security camera. The most common smart home devices are alarms, smart locks, thermostats, fans, and cameras. However, there are thousands of other options.

Most Useful Smart Home Gadgets In 2022

Smart Lock

When your home has a smart lock, you won’t have to stress about looking for your keys in the dark or giving a pet sitter a key to leave under the mat. These options are convenient, provide peace of mind, and you can install them quickly. We also enjoy the DoorSense function, which lets you check the status of your door from the Activity Feed tab in the app.

You won’t need to disassemble any of the hardware in your current door lock because the plug-and-play assembly enables you to attach the August lock straight to your existing deadbolt. Additionally, you can use the mobile app to give temporary unlock codes to loved ones who keep an eye on your pets while you’re away.

These smart locks retrofit over your current deadbolt and can be set to detect your phone when it is within range and to lock or unlock your door as you approach it automatically. You can use voice commands to operate the lock inside or with the Alexa/Google Home app because it is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Smart Lights

Installing smart bulbs is the logical next step if your home already has energy-efficient light bulbs. As long as you have internet connectivity and the corresponding app, you may modify the appearance of your home and even turn lights on and off from a distance. These lights recognise voice commands and settings changes made through a smartphone app. 

Some bulbs don’t even need a hub, which might make installing smart lighting in your house simpler (and less expensive). To gain some “smart” capabilities, you don’t necessarily have to choose light bulbs with smart technology. Instead, combine conventional bulbs with intelligent light switches.

You may save the hassle of changing out smart bulbs by utilising voice commands to turn on and off the lights with this switch. You will be able to use your voice to control all of your linked devices if you install smart plugs throughout your home. Users adore this function and find it to be very helpful in a variety of situations.

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Smart Thermostat

Your home’s heating and cooling system is usually a feature you don’t consider unless the temperature is off. Smart thermostats could integrate Your life’s climate control more effectively. The Amazon Smart Thermostat is our preferred smart thermostat. The simple interface lets you control the thermostat’s temperature using the Alexa app. 

Speaking of Alexa, the smart voice assistant from Amazon will learn your preferred temperature settings and adjust them automatically – even while you’re not home. Additionally, the fact that it is among the least expensive thermostats on the market at $60 doesn’t hurt. The Nest Thermostat is another excellent option for smart home technology. 

This thermostat has a stylish design that complements all types of home decor and can be adjusted via voice commands, the Google Home app, or the time-tested way of using human fingertips. We also appreciate that the Nest lets you track the energy efficiency of your complete HVAC system and utilise the information to set up automated heating and cooling.

Security Camera 

A security camera can also give you more peace of mind because it lets you utilise an app on your phone to view activities around your home from anywhere. Many also have motion alerts, night vision, and two-way audio. One of the top manufacturers of smart home products, Honeywell, provides indoor and outdoor security cameras. 

The most adaptable camera has a 130-degree field of vision, a potent digital zoom, smart motion detection, and voice assistant compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa homes. It can be mounted on any indoor or external surface and is battery-powered and weather-resistant, allowing you to use the camera all year.

Smart Curtains 

Smart blinds, shades, and curtains are window treatments that can be opened and closed with voice commands or a smartphone app in addition to remote control. Additionally, they can frequently be set with different degrees of automation. Smart shades can be opened to let in the sun and heat or closed to help keep a room cooler, depending on the temperature.

Weather sensors can detect climatic conditions and automatically carry out those directions. For added convenience, smart window treatments can also be organised into groups and set to open and close on predetermined timetables (such as dawn or sunset). Also, utilising smart window treatments can result in some energy savings. 

Streaming Device

Last but not least is smart connectivity for the TV, the one appliance in the house where everyone congregates. The amazing and inexpensive Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max is one of the best smart TV accessories you can get for watching your family’s favourite television shows and movies.

Unlike conventional streaming devices, the Fire TV Stick doesn’t take up any room in an entertainment centre. Instead, it directly connects to a flatscreen’s available HDMI input and is lightweight enough to dangle from the port. You can use the Fire TV Stick to stream movies, TV shows, and music from well-known sites like Netflix and Amazon Video.

Additionally, you may watch these movies and episodes in full UHD definition, as the name suggests. The regular Google Chromecast and the Chromecast with Google TV are two additional streaming alternatives. The former is a dongle-based gadget that you connect to your TV’s HDMI input. 


Most individuals begin by installing tiny gadgets like cameras, plugs, and window sensors when creating a smart home. Many businesses provide customised systems for new homes, typically more expensive than creating your system. But it all depends on how at ease you are with modern technology. 

A more tech-savvy homeowner could wish to upgrade to a fully automated, smart alarm system, install thermostats for the heating and cooling of the home, employ smart vacuums and mop heads, and more. Mention in comments how these smart home gadgets have changed your lives.

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