How To Sell On Instagram Without A Website [2022]?

Are you a young eCommerce company eager to generate revenue? Do you have trouble raising money to build a fantastic website? The good news is that you can generate sales without a website. All you need is Instagram, a free platform you almost certainly use personally. You can sell your products or services without investing in a website. This article will discuss how to sell on Instagram without a website. If you are going to start you only need an Instagram account and some strategies for selling your products. 

How To Sell On Instagram Strategies 

Create Or Update Your Instagram Account

Personal and commercial Instagram accounts are different. Always choose a business account to have access to features like giving your contact information (phone number, email address), using sponsored advertisements to market your goods, etc. With this account, you can access extremely important data insights and learn how to sell on Instagram better. A personal profile can always be converted to a professional one. Sign in to your account, navigate settings, and select “Switch to Business Profile.”

Be aware that you must have a Facebook Business Page to complete this. You won’t have much information in your insights with a brand-new profile. However, you’ll discover new insights as soon as you start writing and receive reactions to your posts. 

  • What stories or posts are gaining the most traction?
  • How many accounts did you contact last month? 
  • How many people visited your profile and clicked on your website?
  • Who makes up your audience (locations, age range, genders, etc.)?

These are some of the questions whose answers you can get through Instagram insights. You may use this information to plan your upcoming posts by learning what topics get the best reactions from your audience.

Write An Attractive Bio Describing Your Business

So, now you have a Business Instagram account. It’s time to close some deals. The first thing we want to do is make sure your profile appeals to potential customers. Include your phone number and email address in your profile if you have them. 

Additionally, the number of characters you can use in your bio is very constrained, so make the most of them. One emoji, for instance, sometimes speaks a thousand words. Avoid using emojis excessively and only when you believe they will be appropriate for your audience’s tastes.

Your bio should convey your brand’s core and inform readers how to purchase from you. You can refer to several examples available on Instagram itself. Try to mention the essential products of your business. 

Post Interactive & Relevant Content 

It’s rather simple: since you are selling goods, you ought to highlight those goods. It need not entail merely sharing uninteresting still images of your goods sitting on a table. Use your imagination and include informative and interactive content. 

Individuals use your merchandise in a variety of ways. You can post images of the people using or wearing your goods while engaging in enjoyable activities. You can reveal the process used to make your product. You can go for aesthetic picture shoots with your goods.

Every photo appears to have been meticulously thought out, and the result is a stunning feed. You can add stunning articles featuring your products. You can shoot creative reels showcasing your products and mentioning their usage or benefits. 

Add A Primary Payment Option

Customers are more inclined to purchase from you if there is less friction for them to deal with. If you are a Shopify, Magento or Bigcommerce seller, it would be simple to link your products to your Instagram account and allow customers to make purchases without leaving the website.

But even without a website, you can design a simple procedure. You can achieve this by including a web form for pre-orders in your Instagram bio. A tool like Getform can be used to construct one quickly. You can personalize the form and include a link in your Instagram bio. 

Your Getform dashboard will receive all form submissions; you can download them whenever possible. You can decide to receive an email immediately when a new order is placed. Choose a template from the gallery, then alter it to suit your requirements. No coding is necessary.

Use Instagram’s DMs & Comments Section 

While using comments is a decent method, there are ways to simplify it. If someone wants to purchase a product, she must leave a comment. However, there are no guidelines on how to proceed, so there can be a lot of clashes between the owner and the buyer.

You must mention everything in the comments section, like precise pricing points and the deadline for sending payment. Your customer can select the size and color and enter the shipping details using the form. See how simple this is for any prospective buyers? 

Using Instagram’s direct messages or comments to communicate with customers when selling handmade, special things will make your interaction clear and precise. But you need a simple method to get information from your consumer before you can create unique orders.

DMs are an excellent tool for accomplishing this and keeping users on the site, which reduces friction for them. Another excellent option for receiving orders is WhatsApp. WhatsApp will allow you to converse with phone numbers from anywhere globally.

Use Originality In Your Captions

You are likely already aware of the competition you will face on Instagram from other eCommerce businesses. You must thus think of ways to stand out! The first step is posting amazing photos, but you should also use captions.

Not only should captions instruct potential customers on how to transact with you. You need to serenade them before they choose to buy. Additionally, you can use your captions to explain your item or draw a picture of what life might be like with it.

Remember that not every client responds well to a particular tone of speech. You should follow your brand’s lead and produce captions that reflect your approach and style. Therefore, spend some time researching your target audience and what tone of voice they respond to.

Utilize Hashtags To Expand Your Audience

You’ve probably noticed that hashtags appear in most of the Instagram photos displayed above. When users search for this phrase, hashtags display your post. First, remember that each Instagram post is limited to 30 hashtags. To expand your reach, you should employ more.

Unsure about the best hashtags to use? Several tools can assist you in determining that. These tools will recommend hashtags depending on your topic and let you schedule your articles in advance. They’ll also disclose the number of postings that use this hashtag. 

If you only utilize hashtags with millions of postings, there will be too much competition for you to attract any real attention. If you employ hashtags that receive few to no posts, chances are that no one is looking for such terms.

But if you find the sweet spot, your reach will be maximized. Even though you don’t have to get all 30 hashtags in that zone, try to get at least half of them there. Also, keep in mind to use more relevant hashtags so that you can sell more on Instagram.

To Expand Your Brand, Cultivate Your Community

The thing with social media is that it exists for a reason. In contrast to a typical online experience, you can engage customers in dialogue. It enables you to develop their trust, learn what they desire, and win them over as ardent supporters.

Don’t undervalue the community’s ability to drive sales on Instagram. To make your audience feel heard, reply to every comment—except trolls, of course. The secret to growing your Instagram eCommerce business is to reply to comments.

We would advise you to encourage readers to leave comments on your posts. It can be achieved by seeking feedback. So take advantage of your modest beginnings and strengthen your bond with your audience immediately.

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Final Thoughts

Without a website, launch your eCommerce brand and begin selling on Instagram. Many fantastic technologies are available to simplify eCommerce marketing, but sometimes all it takes to get things started is a free tool like Instagram.

Using Instagram to sell your products will require you to create content regularly and interact with your audience. However, if done correctly, you may run a thriving eCommerce business without a website. Additionally, you’ll be able to interact with your audience much more quickly.
You can embed stylish online forms anywhere, even in your Instagram bio. No coding required; large template gallery; free trial. We hope after reading this article, you will be able to learn how to sell on Instagram without having a website.

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