Which Is The Most Popular Men’s Lifestyle Brand In India?

Indian males are becoming more fashionable due to the expanding global fashion trends. Top menswear brands, both native and foreign, may be found all over India. The foreign manufacturers of men’s clothes did not view India as a promising market until a few years ago. Today, brands have a big impact on someone’s socioeconomic standing. 

The leading worldwide brands of men’s clothes were compelled to enter India due to the rise in fashion consciousness among Indian men. Most leading lifestyle brands anticipate India to become one of the primary drivers of the men’s apparel business internationally due to the continuously shifting perceptions of the youth in India regarding clothes.

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Sometimes, brands can turn into status symbols. In turn, people are buying more branded clothing and becoming more fashion-conscious. Most well-known clothing brands in India generally maintain high-quality fabrics and stylish designs. In addition, combining comfort and good looks is the key to a brand’s success in the Indian market.

Top 10 Best Indian Lifestyle Brands

#1 Allen Solly

A unique aspect of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle is Allen Solly. Allen Solly is one of the most well-known apparel brands in India. It’s a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle. It is undoubtedly India’s biggest and fastest-growing clothing brand and a top lifestyle retailer. It has produced premium western clothing for men, women, and kids. 

The company’s collections range from affordable mass-market to pricey, high-end styles. It is well known for its seasonally-responsive street-style designs. Its target market comprises urban and metropolitan individuals full of life and high aspirations. The brand’s mission is to lower the cost of fashionable goods by focusing on outstanding craftsmanship and design.

#2 Van Heusen

PVH owns the clothing line, Van Heusen. The brand’s formal clothing is well-known. This clothing business was established in 1881 by Moses Phillips, John Van Heusen, and Dramin Jones, making it the oldest in India. It was one of the first essential clothing brands to appear in India during British rule. 

The best brand for business or professional apparel is Van Heusen. It is one of India’s biggest manufacturers of men’s shirts and formalwear. The manufacturer and retailer Aditya Birla offers a wide range of elegant and stylish apparel for men and women in categories like neckwear, polos, shirts, and many others that are also appropriate for wearing to the office.

#3 Park Avenue 

Fundamentally, Park Avenue offers well-dressed males innovative and fashionable clothing choices. As India’s leading lifestyle brand, its designs adhere to the most current international fabric, styling, color, and fashion trends. The business also won “Best Design Concept” of the Year for Innovative AUTOFIT Concept at the 2015 Images Fashion Awards. 

Raymond introduced Park Avenue. It is the full range of men’s wardrobe dressing. Park Avenue is India’s largest manufacturer of ready-to-wear clothing and perfumes. Additionally, it features cutting-edge materials, fashions, and widely recognized patterns. It is not overly expensive but inspiring and so appealing.

#4 Pepe Jeans

It is a jeans brand for casual use and denim. Three brothers started the business in 1973 by operating a weekend stall at London’s Portobello Road Market. In the 1980s, they opened a store on Carnaby Street and later expanded into Europe. The product offerings include T-shirts, jeans, regular-fit shirts, polo shirts, capris, and other items. 

The newest Pepe Jeans clothing items are offered at the lowest price to satisfy the client’s needs. The Lebanese company M1 and the LVMH affiliate, L Capital Asia, purchased Pepe Jeans and Hackett London (both belonging to the Pepe Jeans Group) in February 2015. Torreal Funds have formerly owned these businesses.

#5 Wrangler

American company Wrangler produces jeans and other clothing items. Wrangler was founded in 1904 and is well-known for its collection of western apparel, denim, shirts, and boots. The business received official recognition in 1947. However, the company only sells premium clothing for males. Additionally, all goods come with a one-year warranty. 

As accessories, the business also makes belts, caps, and socks. The majority of its customers in India are working adults and teenagers. It is a high-end yet affordable Indian clothing line! You can choose from a selection of denim under the Wrangler brand to suit any occasion or fashion preference.

#6 Monte Carlo

The fashion label Monte Carlo offers a varied selection of clothing for men, women, and teenagers. Since its incorporation in Ludhiana, It has been supplying the garment and fashion industry’s expanding needs. The company provides functional, fashionable, and high-quality apparel to satisfy customers’ needs at a reasonable price.

It also features a big selection for men, women, and children. Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of affordable colors, tones, and designs. The brand is more famous for its winter collection, including sweaters, scarves, pullovers, hoodies, and many more. It primarily caters to the requirements of people who value style.

#7 Peter England

Bangalore-based Peter England is one of India’s most well-known clothing brands. It was created in 1889 during the Boer War. In 1997, Peter England traveled to India, and in 2000, the Aditya Birla Group acquired the brand. Peter England has established itself as the largest menswear brand in India. 

The brand is generally renowned for its uniform fits, greater quality, large selection, and fashionable trends. The newest Peter England clothes are offered at the best price. The company manufactures high-quality apparel, including jeans, T-shirts, formal and semi-formal wear, and more. You have many options, including traditional and vibrant colors. 

#8 Louis Philippe

The top menswear brand in India is Louis Philippe. Louis Philippe is a symbol of meticulous craftsmanship that translates into timeless, chic clothing ideal for the most important men. It is a world-renowned menswear clothing brand that offers a variety of formal, semi-formal, custom-made, and fashion accessories.

It is a trademark of the Aditya Birla Group’s Madura Fashion & Lifestyle business. In 1989, this company began producing its products. Louis Philippe is a retailer of excellent clothing for the discerning gentleman, embodying refinement, elegance, and status. It represents accuracy in craftsmanship while pursuing excellence. 

#9 Flying Machine

Flying Machine is well-known for its comfortable apparel, particularly its comfy jeans. Arvind Mills owns Flying Machine, the nation’s first locally produced jeans company. It is India’s oldest brand. It manufactures clothing such as coats, jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts, casual shirts, pants, belts, bags, wallets, and sunglasses.

It provides high-quality jeans and casual clothing. It is currently sold at 175 exclusive brand outlets. Shirts from Flying Machine are renowned for being Smart, Crisp, and Fresh. It has a wide variety of denim shirts and a stock of solid shirts. Of course, this is an entry-level budget brand with reasonable prices. 

#10 Zodiac

Zodiac has become a market leader in men’s high-end apparel and accessories. It was established in 1954. Its main office is in Mumbai. The term now denotes a global emblem of cutting-edge design and traditional values—creativity and commitment to the wardrobe needs of frequent customers.

The company currently uses more than 1500 independent retailers and established retail chains to advertise its brands. To please their clients, they offer reasonable prices. It has locations all around the nation and a respectable web presence. Famous for its formal ready-to-wear apparel is Zodiac. It is a well-known Indian brand with a specific clientele.

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Wrapping Up

What you feel when you put on the clothes is more important than what you wear or how you wear it according to your style. These are the most well-known Indian lifestyle brands for men. Every brand has a distinctive look. In addition, you can go to stores that carry multiple brands. All Indian brands are available under one roof there. 

You must understand that anything you wear unquestionably identifies you! Therefore, pick what you like! These brands offer a variety of formal, semi-formal, and custom-made clothing and accessories. These lifestyle brands create strong fashion statements with different colors, patterns, and styles

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  1. […] Indian males are becoming more fashionable due to the expanding global fashion trends. Top menswear brands, both native and foreign, may be found all over India. The foreign manufacturers of men's clothes did not view India as a promising market until a few years ago. Today, brands have a big impact on someone's socioeconomic standing. The leading worldwide brands of men's clothes were compelled to enter India due to the rise in fashion consciousness among Indian men. To know about brands visit,  […]


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