How To Sell Your Products Effectively On Instagram?

Happiness is not in money but in spending that money on shopping!!

Instagram is now a global marketplace; in the U.S. alone, 37% of adults use Instagram. Instagram has the potential to be one of the most successful channels for promoting products and services if you know how to stand out from the competition. 

Instagram is a visual platform, making it the ideal place for businesses that sell things to showcase their offerings. Instagram marketing success depends on using the platform to remind your customers of who you are and why they adore you. 

But how can you encourage folks to buy from you if you can’t create a clickable link in your post? You can link your business to your bio, but most people will only be interested in a single product and won’t want to search through your complete catalog.

Tips To Introduce Your Products On Instagram 

81% of respondents to a survey commissioned by Facebook, Inc. stated that Instagram aids in their product and service research. Here are a few suggestions for continuously showcasing your products in your posts so that Instagram users can learn more about your offerings –

  • Make it a habit to post about your goods. To encourage your community to routinely check out your items, post about them on a regular schedule, such as a particular day of the week.
  • Make your products’ manufacturing process transparent. Use stories to show your audience what happens behind the scenes while you create your items.
  • Display all product iterations. Showcase your product options so customers can choose from various colors, sizes, and materials.
  • Identify the Story Highlights for multiple items. Stories might disappear after 24 hours, but you can promote particular stories on your profile that emphasize particular products. 
  • Consider what colors and textures, such as a white or patterned wall, will make your products stand out. As a backdrop, you can use a piece of fabric.
  • Use a flat lay to display several products. A flat lay is a photograph of objects arranged on a level surface from above.
  • Post images and videos submitted by your customers that feature your items as testimonials. Ask customers’ permission before sharing their images and videos on your business account when they mention your product in them.
  • Make instructional videos on the various uses of your product. Create a step-by-step manual using stories, or upload longer videos to IGTV.
  • Encourage contacts to increase self-assurance. Use the inquiry sticker in your story to invite questions about your items. In this approach, customers may discover more about your goods and feel secure purchasing them.

Strategies To Set Up An Instagram Shop 

Before starting proper selling on Instagram, you must know the major ways to start your Instagram shop. These ways will resolve your query about “how to sell on Instagram.”

Set Up Your Instagram Shop Natively

You can tag products in various types of content and have a prominent View Shop on your profile if you have an Instagram Shop. You must: use this feature.

  • Be at a backed-up place (your office hub and your physical location).
  • Possess a business Instagram account (rather than a personal account).
  • Connect your Facebook profile to your Instagram account.

You can open an Instagram shop if you meet those requirements. Launch the Instagram app, then find your profile. In the upper right corner, tap to see the menu, then choose Settings. At the bottom of the screen, tap the Set Up Instagram Shopping link under business.

Set Up Your Instagram Shop With Facebook Catalog Manager

Now you must either establish a new catalog or link your Instagram account to an existing one. You may use Facebook Catalog Manager to accomplish this. In case you haven’t heard of it, Catalog Manager is a function of Business Manager that enables you to run a store on your Facebook page.

The feature is effortless, but there are a lot of possibilities. First, select the kind of catalog you wish to create by clicking the Add a Catalog button. Then select a method for uploading your inventory. 

Manually uploading things might be the most efficient option if your catalog isn’t too large. You need to add images that you include must be 500 x 500 pixels in size. Additionally, you must include the following:

  • Product price
  • Product description
  • Product’s SKU number
  • The URL of the direct page on your website where customers can buy 

Set Up Your Instagram Shop with Shopify or Magento

Do you currently use Shopify or Magento on your website for online sales? You’ll find that the entire procedure is much simpler after connecting your sales platform directly. Select the option to connect a partner platform when building a catalog. 

Then decide which third-party e-commerce platform to utilize. Complete the steps to add your items and finish setting up your catalog. You can create shoppable posts once everything is connected, regardless of your method (Shopify or Magento).

You might wish to utilize something other than shoppable Instagram posts for additional reasons. 

  • Are you selling in Instagram’s unsupported regions?
  • Do you want to try something different?
  • Are they just starting and unwilling to invest the time and effort in creating a catalog?

Utilizing a paid service like Soldsie or CommentSold is an additional choice. Both of these services function by enabling direct purchases from Instagram comments (as well as Facebook.) 

Plans start at $49 a month and go up from there. A transaction fee of up to 5.9% may also be charged. This solution might suit you if you cannot use Instagram’s original features.

What To Do When Selling On Instagram?

Once you decide your strategy on how to sell on Instagram, the next step is to identify the major things to keep in mind regarding the same. We are sharing here a few important points to consider – 

Stay focused on your brand

It is evident when your brand is well-known. Instagram differs from its social media siblings and cousins because it is a real-time visual network. Additionally, you must choose an arresting image to start your sell.

Spend the time necessary to get the perfect shot. Pick a square picture (unless you are creating stories), simple to recognize and free of annoying lighting problems. However, if you want to improve, ensure that Instagram is consistent with your branding.

Your branding principles ought to cover the following:

  • Typefaces and their use
  • Guidelines for the usage of photographs
  • When do you use graphics or photographs?
  • Where can you get your images from?
  • What particular color codes do you employ for your brand?

Schedule Instagram feed postings

You’ll find it simpler to organize content once you’ve nailed down the branding for your clients’ Instagram pages. Always keep your aim and goal in mind when creating content. Do you need to advertise a wonderful sale? You could want to introduce a new product line. 

Or perhaps your client’s web store has been updated. In either case, it’s best to make major news explicit in the image rather than simply the title. Instagram is a visual platform, so use compelling photos to attract potential customers. 

In the caption, provide further information (such as selling dates or product details). Keep in mind that not every post needs to be an advertisement. Consider different ways your client can add value rather than always marketing things. 

You could write a how-to piece that shows followers how to use a new product feature. Agorapulse’s social media reports can help you figure out what content resonates most with your clients’ followers so you can create more of it.

Carousel posts can also be a wonderful concept, whether you’re assisting clients with introducing a new product line or producing a useful how-to guide. Your ability to upload up to 10 photographs to a single post gives the content for your clients much more depth.

You have plenty of room to get inventive with spaces for up to 10 photos. You might describe every tutorial step or emphasize the great characteristics of a specific product. Single image or carousel post-scheduling is simple with social media tools. 

Use the composer to create feed posts, including captions and image uploads. Then, schedule Instagram posts for your client’s audience at the ideal time. Create distinct client folders in the Library tab and arrange them according to the social channel, campaign, or theme.

Sell with Instagram reels and stories

Do you prefer making shorter, more dynamic videos than longer ones or live streaming if you want to sell something? Create Instagram Reels and add product tags before publishing to make them shoppable.

Users can press the View Products link in the lower right corner to view featured products. After that, users can tap a product to purchase it individually or click the Continue Shopping banner at the bottom of the display to access the company’s Instagram Shop.

Even though Instagram Stories vanish after 24 hours, they’re still a fantastic alternative for selling. Instagram Stories can be a great approach to interact with customers and sell more sincerely because of its authentic appeal.

To design with Canva, make content with Stories, or schedule Stories. Once your story has been uploaded to the scheduling tool, turn on Send to Mobile. To ensure you receive a notification at the appropriate moment, schedule it for the time you wish to post.

Add final touches, such as interactive stickers, as soon as you receive the Agorapulse notice on your mobile device. Then, promptly publish your story. Add a link sticker to your story if you wish to point customers to your online store on another website. 

To enter the URL, tap the link sticker while the sticker tray is open. The domain will, by default, be displayed on the sticker. However, you can alter the sticker’s wording by including a call to action (CTA), such as “Get free delivery!” or “Save 50%!”

Add shopping stickers from the sticker tray to your Stories to make them shopper-friendly. Followers can browse your store immediately by tapping the product sticker on your post. You can include stories in your highlights albums. Strategically organize highlights to increase sales.

Utilize hashtags to increase your reach

You can’t expect to maximize client reach without hashtags, even if your content is of the highest caliber. On Instagram, hashtags are the secret to broadening your audience, establishing more connections with users, and boosting your sales.

What hashtags should you include in the posts of your clients? Most of the time, a blend of branded, industry, and specialty hashtags are effective. You can utilize Instagram search for inspiration to come up with the new industry, trending, or location hashtags.

Use a third-party tool, however, if you want more detailed insights or popularity numbers for hashtags. Social media tools are excellent for tracking which hashtags are most effective for your client’s branding. To locate the best performers, switch to the list view. 

To maintain maximizing exposure for your clients as you plan more content, utilize the top hashtags when applicable. Do you want to make adding hashtags to feed posts more efficient? Create hashtag groups in the Composer tab of the tool to reuse successful hashtag lists.

Host live shopping events

Are you looking for additional original strategies to spread the word and make sales on Instagram? Live Shopping events are excellent for increasing sales and promoting discovery while producing genuine content. 

Additionally, they work well to guide potential customers through a product line or to demonstrate how to use features. You must have an Instagram Shop with Instagram Checkout enabled to use Live Shopping. 

Additionally, to give the items time to process, you must add them to your Shop three days in advance. When you’re ready to go live, select Live by tapping the + sign in the top right corner of your Instagram profile. 

Hit the shopping bag symbol to tag the products you want included in the Live Shopping event. Viewers can tap to shop and buy while the event is happening quickly. As Live Shopping events have their tab on Instagram’s shopping platform, they can reach more customers.

Add a link to a landing page in your bio

What if none of your customers use Instagram Shopping? You may add a shopping link to the Instagram bio of one of your clients. Create an Instagram-friendly landing page where buyers can easily browse and shop instead of navigating to the homepage of your clients.

To quickly create a mobile-friendly landing page, utilize free third-party software like Linktree or Link. For a tiny shop, you may add unique links to each product. You might perhaps link to collections or specials for a larger inventory.

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Repurpose user-generated content 

It’s frequently a fantastic idea to add user-generated content to your clients’ magnificent branded content when posting it on Instagram (UGC). It is because UGC can increase trust and offer social evidence, aiding Instagram sales.

Fortunately, just with branded feed posts, you can tag products to make UGC shoppable. Use your dashboard’s Listening tab to find UGC for your client’s brands. You can automatically receive relevant hashtagged content by setting up listening searches for the branded hashtags. 

Partner with influencers

Repurposing UGC is an effective and reasonably priced technique to obtain authentic content for sharing. But influencer collaborations might make more sense if you can’t locate enough UGC for your clients. 

When collaborating with influencers, you can request that certain goods be highlighted or provide creative parameters. Influencer collaborations provide higher-quality material despite being more expensive in general. 

Influencers can easily publish content on Instagram with the Paid Partnership tag. This tag allows influencer content to automatically publish in the feeds of both the creator and the sponsoring brand.


You have all you need to assist you in setting up your store, promoting your goods, and tracking your outcomes, now that you understand how to sell on Instagram. Adopting these strategies allows you to establish lasting bonds with new clients and generate more business transactions.

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