Top 10 Trending Digital Marketing Jobs In 2022

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Are you looking for digital marketing jobs? job or kickstart your career in the field of digital marketing? You must have multiple options, but you are not able to decide. 

Don’t worry!! We are here to help you out. This article is a big help in deciding which digital marketing job you can choose according to your qualifications. 

Importance Of Digital Marketing Jobs

In today’s connected economy, digital marketing is practically required. Additionally, it is among the most profitable professions out there. An IMAI analysis from 2018 predicted that online advertising in India would increase by 30% annually. 

The wage package is not the only consideration if you’re hoping to land one of India’s greatest digital marketing jobs. Start-ups forging new territory and the government’s “Digital India” initiative are set to boost the ecosystem.

In such an ecosystem, an appealing career has the potential for growth, job security, and a good reputation. The top 10 digital marketing positions in India by salary are mentioned below. No matter where you are in your career, it will help you choose the path you want to take.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Jobs In India 

#1 SEM/SEO Specialist

Search engine marketing uses tactics such as pay-per-click advertising and Search Engine Optimisation. An SEO/SEM specialist would ensure that the company appears in the top results when the target prospects conduct online searches for a specific topic. 

Smart adult caucasian designer with beard sitting on working table desk video conference with clients young smart creative designer working at home home isolation quarantine concept

To build a strong business case for SEM spending, you would also manage online campaigns and update websites that drive search results. Due to the excessive and expanding demand, SEM/SEO specialists now hold some of India’s highest-paying digital marketing jobs.

Skills – 

  • Managing PPC campaigns through Google and Yahoo
  • Acquaintance with the tools like Google Analytics, Semrush, WebTrends
  • Basic working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • In-depth knowledge of search engine algorithms
  • Experience in using bid management tools

Roles & Responsibilities –

  • Track, report, and evaluate PPC campaigns and website analytics projects
  • Manage campaign expenses while adhering to a spending plan, calculating monthly costs, and settling differences
  • For search engine marketing, improve the copy and landing pages
  • Continual keyword research, expansion, and optimisation
  • Create and put into action a link-building plan

Salary – INR 3 LPA to 7 LPA

#2 Digital Media Manager

Designing multi-channel campaigns to increase brand recognition and encourage brand adoption is the focus of this marketing position. Making decisions about a brand’s digital strategy and messaging falls within the purview of digital media managers.

They evaluate the company’s paid, owned, and earned media strengths. Then, they employ a variety of channels, including pay-per-click advertisements, Google display advertisements, websites and blogs, social media presence, online reviews, etc. 

Each channel offers special qualities, including brand awareness, consumer preference, and trust. This profession needs people with an analytical mindset who can benchmark performance and foresee outcomes in line with changes in customer behaviour.

Skills –

  • Having worked in advertising or digital marketing
  • Knowledge of the best analytics, different social networking sites, and website analytics
  • It’s essential to have a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Powerful analytical skills and great creativity
  • Keeping abreast with the most recent developments and trends in digital marketing

Roles & Responsibilities –

  • Lead creation and customer acquisition
  • Introducing new advertising platforms and strategies
  • Estimating the growth of marketing programmes and their return on investment
  • To check that the visitors to the company sites are being redirected
  • Contacting, vetting, and employing web, graphic, and videographers to produce exciting and original material

Salary – INR 4 LPA to 8 LPA

#3 Content Strategist

Content strategist

It is one of the top-paying positions in digital marketing. Today’s consumers spend a lot of time online but are overloaded with options and too busy. Needless, clutter and short attention spans also hinder marketing efforts in an increasingly digital age. 

Therefore, having a thoughtful content strategy can be a great asset to the audience. It should not be surprising that these positions are among the highest compensated in digital marketing. The primary responsibility of the strategist is to create a content strategy that aims to accomplish business objectives.

Content strategists must be creative, organised, and well-organised to perform specific duties. They should be able to recognise pertinent subjects for creating content and then carry out the strategies to engage the intended audience.

Skills –

  • Impressive copywriting skills
  • Content presentation and timely delivery
  • Knowledge of AI tools like Grammarly, Ahref, and Copyscape
  • Content monetisation skills
  • Creative and analytical mindset

Roles & Responsibilities –

  • Carrying out content audits
  • Developing style guides
  • Integrating event calendars
  • Curating excellent content
  • Creating persuasive copy for the brand

Salary – INR 3.6 LPA to 7.2 LPA

#4 E-commerce Specialist

E-commerce has been one of the highest-paying occupations in digital marketing globally, offering businesses a more affordable alternative. A sizable percentage of the overhead costs can be avoided because there is no need for physical space.

Most large firms use the omnichannel strategy, which augments traditional marketing efforts with an online presence. Due to the excessive and expanding demand, E-commerce specialists now hold some of the highest-paying positions in India.

E-commerce experts are skilled at placing the right buttons and writing appropriate descriptions for product sites. By doing this, businesses raise conversion rates and enhance the consumer experience. They also define lead generation and sales goals with cross-functional teams.

Skills –

  • Expert communication skills
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Website optimisation
  • Ads creation skills

Roles & Responsibilities –

  • Search engine optimisation for e-commerce to boost traffic to websites with high rankings
  • Management and marketing of the website
  • Optimisation of websites to increase audience visibility
  • Cross-selling and up-selling campaigns
  • Manage email marketing to boost sales

Salary – INR 3 LPA to 8 LPA

#5 Social Media Manager

social media manager'

Next on our list of jobs in digital marketing is social media manager. Designing promotional ideas for brands and putting them into action through campaigns that increase audience engagement on social networking sites are the core components of social media marketing.  

A social media manager’s primary responsibility is to develop and implement a brand’s overall social media strategy. Nowadays, companies seek to employ skilled people to oversee these online initiatives. The brand’s website traffic may increase if it does well on social media. 

For social media marketing, the social media manager must ensure a favourable response and confirm the calibre of the content. They must collaborate with the PR and marketing teams and exchange campaign analyses. There is an increasing need for these professionals.

Skills –

  • Ability to create a social media marketing strategy
  • Expertise in using social media marketing tools like Hubspot, Postplanner, etc. 
  • Out-of-the-box thinking 
  • Extensive research skills
  • Knowledge of analytics and trends 

Roles & Responsibilities –

  • Investigating benchmark trends today and audience preferences
  • Aligning social media strategy with company objectives through design and implementation
  • Establishing clear goals and reporting on ROI
  • Ensure brand consistency by collaborating with marketing, sales, and customer support departments
  • Connect regularly with your audience, promptly address their questions, and keep an eye on their feedback

Salary – INR 3.6 LPA to 5.4 LPA

#6 Copywriter 

A copywriter is a specialist who creates concise, clear writing for advertisements and marketing materials. They work closely with visual and web designers to ensure their message is comprehended, whether displayed on a website’s landing page or in an email inbox.

Copywriters play a crucial part in ensuring that social media managers’ content creations are up to par by editing and making necessary adjustments. They must have a basic idea of SEO and design to enhance the quality of their content. 

To ensure that their text is efficient and capable of converting prospective customers into long-term customers, they also collaborate with inbound managers, SEO marketers, content writers, and many others involved in content. 

Skills –

  • Proven background in copywriting or a similar field
  • Understanding of online content production and strategy
  • Superb editing, proofreading, and writing abilities
  • Knowledge of SEO and powerful research abilities
  • Excellent organisational and time-management abilities

Roles & Responsibilities –

  • Write compelling text that is clear and has a distinct voice.
  • Understanding project requirements through copywriting short interpretation
  • Work together on large- and small-scale marketing projects with designers, public relations specialists, and other experts
  • Conduct thorough investigations and interviews
  • As necessary, revise and proofread the text.

Salary – INR 2.4 LPA to 4.8 LPA 

#7 UX Designers/ Web Developers

UX designers develop end-to-end websites. The creation of complete websites and other forms of digital marketing apps is the responsibility of UX designers. They concentrate on comprehending the rationale for the website’s design. 

You must first comprehend the client’s goods and services to do this. If you decide to work as a web developer, you must learn how to code and redesign the website’s features to appeal to the target audience. This position requires proficiency in JavaScript, JQuery, etc.

Skills –

  • Complete knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Knowledge of backend technologies 
  • Testing and debugging
  • Responsive web designing skills
  • Search engine optimisation skills 

Roles & Responsibilities –

  • Creating user interfaces and menus for navigating
  • Composing and reviewing website code, usually in HTML, XML, or JavaScript
  • Incorporating multimedia into a website
  • Solving issues with user experience or performance
  • Cooperating with stakeholders, designers, and developers

Salary – INR 3.6 LPA to INR 9.6 LPA 

#8 Email Marketer

Young businessman checking his email on tablet

The primary goal of an email marketer is to establish a connection with the target audience through email campaigns promoting a business’s goods and services. To work as one, you must have practical HTML experience and an understanding of marketing automation tools. 

The target market must be determined, and an email marketer must keep an appropriate database. They must then develop and carry out whole email marketing campaigns, produce newsletters that include company updates, assess all email marketing campaigns, and so forth.

Skills –

  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Practical knowledge of content management systems and HTML
  • Proficiency in marketing automation technology
  • Knowledge of SEO/SEM and Google Analytics
  • Knowledge of database and analysis tools

Roles & Responsibilities –

  • Develop an email list and identify our target audience
  • Create and put into action direct email marketing initiatives
  • Review emails for clarity, punctuation, and grammar
  • Consistently use mobile-friendly email templates
  • Utilise advanced features, images, and customisation to upgrade your email designs

Salary – INR 3 LPA to 6 LPA 

#9 Graphic Designer 

A graphic designer’s job includes determining needs, visualising, and generating graphics, including illustrations, logos, layouts, and images. You will influence the visual components of websites, books, periodicals, product packaging, displays, and more.

Your graphics should draw people in and convey the idea you’re trying to get across. For this, you need to thoroughly understand how to translate requirements into designs and creative flair. Also, you must have perfect knowledge of colours and themes. 

Skills –

  • Demonstrated expertise in graphic design
  • A strong library of images or illustrations 
  • Understanding of design software and technology (such as Illustrator and Photoshop)
  • An artistic and detail-oriented eye 
  • Capacity to adhere to deadlines

Roles & Responsibilities –

  • Review design briefs to identify requirements
  • Plan projects and specify financial restrictions
  • Create picture ideas depending on the requirements
  • Using the software, create graphics, logos, and other designs
  • Utilise the proper colours and arrangements for each graphic; collaborate with the creative director and copywriters to develop the final product

Salary – INR 2.4 LPA to 4.8 LPA

#10 PPC Expert 

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is paid online marketing that often takes place through Google AdWords or Bing Ads. Every time an ad is clicked, advertisers are charged a fee. PPC experts offer advice on how to maximise the effects of a PPC campaign using their knowledge.

You can handle campaigns for various customers while working for a specialised digital firm in an organisation’s marketing department. A PPC specialist will work with internal stakeholders or clients and design and organise various PPC campaigns using digital channels.

PPC specialists may receive commissions or bonuses from an agency depending on performance or the capacity to bring in new customers. The hourly or daily prices for some highly experienced PPC specialists might vary greatly when they work freelance.

Skills –

  • Advanced google AdWords skills
  • Creative copywriting skills
  • Experience in creating landing pages
  • Knowledge of e-commerce
  • Understanding of customer choices

Roles & Responsibilities –

  • Monitoring ongoing efforts 
  • Offering suggestions on how to improve them
  • Examining trends and making judgments based on data
  • Creating persuasive advertising text
  • Editing and offering original suggestions for ad templates

Salary – INR 3 LPA to 5 LPA

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Future of Digital Marketing Jobs In India

With 560 million internet users, India is a developing country. In the current global context, the potential for digital marketing is boundless. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube foster tremendous business growth in small and large markets.

It should therefore come as no surprise that India’s highest-paying digital marketing jobs favour candidates who regularly update their skill sets. Your capacity for critical thought and knowledge of current industry trends can make you stand out from the crowd.

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Note: These salary bands are subject to change as per the industry norms. 

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