Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools For Better Growth

Everyone is using social media for marketing their business or for branding themselves. But how do you oversee all the activities associated with your social media marketing? Taking into account all the duties social media marketers must carry out daily—from content generation and posting to analytics and reporting—can be a little frightening. 

Thank God you have access to several excellent social media marketing tools. These tools can expedite your procedures, save time, and even ensure that the right audiences view your information appropriately. 

But how do you select the right product? We felt it would be fantastic to highlight the top 10 social media management tools available because there are so many excellent ones, making it easier for you to decide which is ideal for you or your company. 

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools

#1 HubSpot

Website –

Purpose – Software for inbound marketing in one place.

Cost – $50 monthly cost

USP – A complete marketing, sales, and customer service software stack and a free CRM at its foundation, offering strong connectors.

The HubSpot social media management tools are a part of an all-inclusive social media marketing platform. Due to HubSpot’s seamless integration of all your marketing initiatives (including social media, email, SEO, and CRM) into one platform, you can immediately compare your performance across your marketing channels and determine your social ROI. 

#2 Hootsuite

Website –

Purpose – Create, schedule, publish, and manage your social media content and ad campaigns across multiple social networks using a single dashboard.

Cost – Limited supply free, offer paid subscriptions starting at $49 a month and provide a 30-day free trial.

USP – Manage all of your social media in one place

Hootsuite, the most well-known social media management tool, is used by over 18 million users and more than 800 Fortune 1000 companies. 

Businesses are achieving success which can be attributed to the fact that you can run social media ads, schedule content, monitor your social ROI, and more using a single platform. It can help to bulk-schedule social media posts over 35 social networks and to track numerous accounts and keywords.

#3 BuzzSumo

Website –

Purpose – By searching for a topic or domain, you may use it to investigate which content performs best for any topic.

Cost – Plans start at $79/month

USP – Find outreach opportunities and produce engaging content.

BuzzSumo can be used to find the prominent individuals and the most well-liked content. You can all utilize BuzzSumo to determine which of your pages had the highest levels of engagement, which will help you better understand your influence on social media and make more informed content planning. 

BuzzSumo will divide the results into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit shares. It provides the advantage of knowing which articles are doing well across the web without constantly monitoring numerous social networks.

#4 Google Trends

Website –

Purpose – A powerful tool to quantify public interest in a topic.

Cost – Free

USP – Free resource created by Google to help anyone seeking trending topics online. 

Brands utilize it to stay abreast of significant international happenings. It is how many professionals learn about and share information about what is popular right now. 

You can also monitor phrases using Google Trends to see if they are trending and how their current volume compares to past months and years. This data can then guide your content marketing and social media marketing strategy. 

#5 Canva

Website –

Purpose – Used to create engaging social media posts.

Cost – Free (Canva for work starts at $12.95/month)

USP – Quick and easy way to produce stunning social media photos

Every online brand or business should know Canva, a fantastic supplementary tool. Social media managers and marketers frequently need to be able to create beautiful images without a designer’s help. It is what makes a social media plan effective. 

You can use pre-made themes, icons, and graphics to give your images a professional appearance without doing much design work. Canva has a vast library of more than two million visual resources in addition to a simple drag-and-drop interface.

#6 Feedly

Website –

Purpose – Feedly is great for generating article ideas and scheduling content.

Cost – Free (paid plans start at $5.41/month)

USP – Collect links to RSS feeds easily.

Feedly excels in a variety of tasks. If you deal with influencers and want to follow their blogs, stay current on industry news, or have any other purpose, you might visit many websites. You may access multiple RSS feeds without adding them. It is a fantastic time saver. 

Add them to one feed to view several blogs, writers, and publishers whose work you value all at once. Due to its integration with Buffer Publish, you can schedule the content for publishing through the Feedly dashboard.

#7 Sendible

Purpose – The most effective device for company social media management.

Cost – Plans have a 14-day free trial and start at $29 per month.

USP – By configuring the “Repeat mode,” you can repeat evergreen material.

Sendible is a social media marketing tool for companies with numerous clients. Sendible offers you the ability to brand your dashboard in addition to the vast majority of features that social media management solutions provide, which can help you attract more clients. 

Sendible features some excellent integrations, including those with the Canva graphic editor, royalty-free image search, and YouTube search. It also provides automation for those who want less time on time-consuming tasks.

#8 Socialpilot

Website –

Purpose – Posts may be easily scheduled and published across the top social media networks.

Cost – Plans have a 14-day free trial and start at $30 per month.

USP – Easy drag-and-drop rescheduling

A simple & affordable social media management tool for teams and agencies. Social Pilot integrates different social media management functions (including scheduling and analytics, but not monitoring) into a simple interface and only charges a small amount of money. 

Because of its client management functionality, it’s great for agencies that work with numerous clients. Social Pilot is useful since it curates and suggests information from various industries. It allows you to find relevant content quickly. Its white-label reports, which are particularly beneficial for agencies, are another helpful aspect. 

#9 SocialBee

Website –

Purpose – With SocialBee, it is feasible to maintain a consistent publishing schedule.

Cost – Plans begin at $19 per month and include a 14-day free trial.

USP – Seamless content marketing strategy.

Social media publishing across all of your profiles is seamless. It is a social media management application that promises to increase lead generation while requiring less of your time. With the help of its main features, users may upload, organize, and share content across various social media sites from one location (and it even integrates with Buffer). 

One of SocialBee’s most well-liked features is the capacity to reuse evergreen material while keeping it new through the usage of post variations. Furthermore, the degree of support provided by SocialBee is a key advantage.

#10 Post Planner

Website –

Purpose – Smarter administration of social media.

Cost – Plans begin at $9 per month and include a 7-day free trial.

USP – With the Find function, finding content that consistently engages readers is surprisingly simple. 

With the help of Post Planner, social media marketers can more easily complete three key tasks: find high-quality content, plan the perfect publishing schedule, and post consistently. While curating and ranking content enables you to create a timeline based on content types. 

Additionally, rather than just picking the times in your schedule, Post Planner will fill the spaces with the relevant information after you specify the content type for each time slot. 

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Summing Up

Different sizes and types of social media management solutions are available depending on business needs and social media objectives. We hope we have included at least one tool that could be useful to you. We are confident that the social media marketing tools ecosystem is much larger than this list can represent.

Comment the name of the tool you like the most, and let us know how it will be helpful for you. 

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