What Are Some Amazing Features Of The Apple Watch Series 5?

Like all other Apple devices, Apple watches have many amazing features inbuilt into them. One such excellent product by Apple is the Apple Watch Series 5. It is a pool of some brilliant features a smartwatch possesses. According to Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, “We’ve seen Apple Watch have a real impact on our customers’ lives, and we’re delighted to deliver even more capabilities with Apple Watch Series 5.” This blog will let you explore some of these extravagant features and how they will be helpful for you. 

Key Features Of the Apple Watch Series 5

Permanent Retina Display

The groundbreaking new display on the Apple Watch Series 5 makes it possible for the time and other crucial information to be visible. The screen dynamically dims when the user’s wrist is down and returns to full brightness with a raise or tap. Each watch face has been meticulously optimised for the new display to preserve battery life. The 18-hour battery life of the Apple Watch Series 5 is made possible by innovative hardware and outstanding software designs. This new feature is made possible by a combination of cutting-edge technology, including 

  • low-temperature polysilicon and oxide display (LTPO), 
  • an ultra-low power display driver, 
  • effective power management integrated circuit, and 
  • a novel ambient light sensor. 

Navigation & Map Facility

Customers now have more navigational options throughout the day thanks to updated location functions on the Apple Watch Series 5. Thanks to the new built-in compass and the improved Maps app, users can determine which direction they are facing. Customers may use the new Compass app on the Apple Watch to view heading, elevation, slope, latitude and longitude. Users can also choose any one of the new Compass complications and add it to their watch display to see directions at a glance. 

International Emergency Calling

Users of Apple Watch Series 5 cellular models can now make international calls to emergency services, regardless of where the device was initially purchased or whether the cellular plan has been enabled. The manufacturers have added this facility for increased personal safety when travelling. A cellular connection can be used by the Emergency SOS feature on the Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular). 

You must have access to your iPhone to use Emergency SOS on an Apple Watch without cellular service. Your Apple Watch must be linked to a well-known Wi-Fi network, and Wi-Fi Calling must be configured if your iPhone is not nearby. If enabled, international emergency calling also integrates with fall detection. If the user falls hard and is immobile for a minute, Apple Watch will immediately make an emergency call. This feature will be a saviour in case of an accident.

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Longer Battery Life 

Apple conducted testing for the Apple Watch All-Day Battery Life in August 2019, utilising pre-production models of the Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS) and Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular), each coupled with an iPhone. Apple Watch Ultra (GPS + Cellular) usage includes 18 hours of LTE connection. Actual results will differ depending on the use, cellular coverage, setting, and many other things.

The following usage for 18 hours is considered when calculating the all-day LTE battery life: 90-time checks, 90 notifications from different apps, 45 minutes of app use, and a 60-minute workout with music played from the Apple Watch via Bluetooth. For further information, visit and

Apple Watch Lineup

Titanium is a coveted watchmaking material with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and is lighter than stainless steel. Apple has introduced a new case material composed of titanium. The natural titanium comes in two gorgeous brushed textures and has a specially developed surface that helps it maintain its colour and avoid stains. In contrast, the space black titanium gets its deep colour from a diamond-like coating (DLC).

Water Resistance Capacity 

According to ISO standard 22810:2010, Apple Watch Series 5 have a 50-metre water resistance rating. It implies that you can use it for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or the ocean. You should not use it for sports like scuba diving, water skiing, or swimming below shallow depths.

Noise Management Facility 

While wearing your Apple Watch Series 5, it will regularly assess the sound levels throughout the day. Although the microphone is used, no sound is recorded or saved. Your Apple Watch can alert you if the average sound level over three minutes reaches or exceeds a specified decibel threshold. The Noise app measures the background noise levels in your environment using a microphone and exposure time. If the Apple Watch detects that the noise level has grown to the point where hearing may be impaired, it will notify you with a tap on the wrist.

Final Words 

With the Always-On Retina display that never turns off, the Apple Watch Series 5 makes it simple to read the time and other crucial information without raising or tapping the screen. Users can now better manage their day thanks to new location capabilities like a built-in compass and the current elevation. International emergency calling lets users summon emergency services straight from Apple Watch in more than 150 countries, even when an iPhone is not nearby. 

A larger variety of materials, including aluminium, stainless steel, ceramic, and brand-new titanium, are now available for the Apple Watch Series 5. With new capabilities like Cycle Tracking, the Noise app, and Activity Trends, users are given the power of watchOS 6 to take control of their health and fitness. Thanks to the seamless integration of new hardware and software, staying active and connected to the people and information consumers care about is much simpler. All these features make Apple Watch an excellent smartwatch to buy. 

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