spot_img vs. Benefits, and Difference is a platform that is hosted as a service that helps you to create a website via WordPress building blocks. Whereas is an open source platform that can be hosted anywhere you want. is built on the framework but it is more managed hosting for sites. You can use for pretty much anything you want.

You can create any type of website using WordPress, more than 38% of all websites are built on WordPress. We are going to explain what is used for and we will also cover the difference between and

What Is the Difference Between and

The main difference between and is hosting. You can host your site with You can purchase a web hosting service and then you can install WordPress software on that hosting.

While WordPress is self-hosted and it makes things easy for you. All you have to do is create an account and design a website.  

Is Better Than is a better choice if you want better hosting. Here are some benefits you get from that you may not get in Below are some benefits of

Benefits Of 

Some benefits of are as follows:

Managed Hosting do everything for you, no need of downloading WordPress software, managing a server, or paying for hosting. You are free from all the technical work, just create a website and start adding content to it. If you are a technical person consider is more secure, fast, more managed hosting, and completely built-in functionality makes it more beneficial than 

Security offers security to a great extent, It keeps your website safe and your information private. Here are just a few ways they do that:

  • Monitor traffic and suspicious activities.
  • Powerful encryption for all sites.
  • Regularly run firewalls and security tests.
  • A dedicated security team protects your data.


Backups, hosting, and security are all included with right out of the box. And you can quickly upgrade to have a custom domain name if you desire one. You can get easy support for your website and you can also seek the help of a forum and they will easily solve your query. has authorized staff to help users while is operated by volunteers. 

The best thing about WordPress is it automatically backups your data. If you want more backups, it lets you do it manually. You can have a full backup of your site by using some plugins. 

Benefits Of

Here are some of the advantages of choosing to create your website.

  • gives you full freedom to control or manage your website. You can customize it the way you desire.
  • WordPress is free to use and is open-source software. It is easy to use and over 43% of websites on the internet are created on
  • You can have full control of your site and you own your site’s data. Your site will never be turned off as it is against the terms of services
  • Let you customize your website as you desire by adding any free or a premium WordPress theme that you want. You can also create completely custom designs or change anything that you want.
  • You can generate revenue from your WordPress site by running ads and you do not have to share profit with anyone as you are the only owner of your site.
  • You can do custom analytics tracking by using powerful tools like Google Analytics. 
  • Easy to create a membership site with, sell membership for premium content, books, courses, etc and create an online community around your website.

Which One is Better Or 

If you want to have full control of your website independently use It gives you the freedom to customize almost everything you want. Most importantly, you’re unrestricted to install any tools you want and control the overall website functionality. This is the best option if you want to be completely independent and with some added support from your favorite WordPress hosting platform. 

If you are not a technical person and do not have the time for hosting, installing tools, and themes might be a great choice for you. You can easily sign up and get online space instantly. The drawback is that you have limited website customization freedom unless you with an expensive plan. can be a great choice for Beginners, bloggers, and small business owners. 

We have defined the difference and benefits of both and now it is up to you which you choose. Both of them have their own unique features and functionality. Think about what you want from your website and desired outcomes then picking one will be easy for you.

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