Shopify Plus: Pros & Cons, 2022 Complete Guide

Shopify Plus is the updated version of Shopify for big-level enterprises. While Shopify focuses on low to medium-sized business levels, Shopify plus is much more focused on high-volume, high-growth online enterprises and brands.  Shopify Plus helps big brands to scale in their business faster by launching products more efficiently, with better scalability, and flexibility. 

Developing and scaling a business is not an easy job, when a small business tries to expand a business, they may have to go through a lot of changes in their ways of practicing the business. Running the business in the old ways and with old technology may limit the growth. This is why Shopify was introduced. Shopify Plus is much more efficient for fast growth, it is fully hosted clod-based software and able to meet the needs of the e-commerce industry and enterprises which want to expand and grow fast.  Some of the fast-growing popular brands like Steve Madden, Budweiser, and Redbull are using Shopify plus. By seeing their brand you can understand why they choose Shopify plus. Keep reading this blog to know Shopify plus more closely.

Here are some features of Shopify plus

Personalized customization

Shopify Plus offers personalized customization, you can customize its ready-to-use themes as you desire according to the needs of your business. Shopify Plus gives you customization facility to a greater extent. You can even customize CSS and java scripts to make the check-out experience more smooth, which helps to increase the conversion. Business needs something to stand them out among all and Shopify plus is efficient enough to bring those changes to your store. 

Replica Store

It is now possible with Shopify plus to make changes in the script of the live store without worrying about replica stores. Your store merchant can provide a replica of your live store so you can make changes in scripts, themes, products, and other things from your live store and the Shopify store will be replicated. You can test the changes you have made in your live store and use them in your live store until you get the changes you wanted to. There is no need to create a clone store and pay for multiple store charges. 

Multiple Stores

Shopify Plus offers you multiple store features that enable you to have more than 10 stores without paying extra charges.  You can enable multiple currencies, Languages, and locations for different countries making your brand internationally visible. 


Shopify Plus gives you countless bandwidth and greater customer support services for your online store. It is efficient enough to handle 4 million hits per second and manage more than 8000 orders per minute, so even during peak order days, your store will be capable enough to handle the activities and orders.  Apart from this, it offers 200TB storage capacity to your customers. 

Advantages of Shopify Plus

There are always some advantages and disadvantages of every platform. Something that is beneficial for your store may not be suitable for another. Let’s discuss some advantages:


Shopify Plus offers you more capabilities and capacities for your online store. More able to customize the scrips and themes on your live store, can handle more than 8000 orders per minute, and give more than 200Tb store capacity to your customers making your store scale faster without worrying about technical issues.


Shopify offers you more security, more speed, and a better customer experience by handling your store smoothly and successfully. It can handle thousands and thousands of visitors efficiently. 

Price Affordability

If you are not a technical person, you will be investing in your website development. The price of Shopify plus is upfront, the price starts at around $2000a a month and remains consistent. The price may vary based on several factors but the fees per month remain the same always so it is affordable. 


Let’s throw some light on the disadvantages too:

Limited Backend Customization

No doubt there is a vast scope of frontend customization, but it is limited in the backend. Because any integration has to work with their API on the backend. This may not be suitable for the brands and businesses that work with a particular inventory or fulfillment service.


Because it gives you more facility for customization and script changing of your live store, it may require some level of expertise and additional training. 

Platform Lock-in

Self-hosting features may be a disadvantage to some stores, as you do not have access to the FTP or database. 

Limited in Content Management

Shopify Plus may not be a suitable platform for news, and information-rich websites because Shopify plus is not rich in publishing. The publishing websites may find it inefficient especially, which are coming from the WordPress platform. 


Let’s know about Shopify plus pricing:

The minimum monthly charge is about $2,000 or 0.25% of monthly sales volume, up to a maximum of $40,000, whichever is higher.

For example, you will pay $5,000 per month if your store made $2 million in sales each month.

If your monthly revenue is less than $100,000, you will pay the $2,000 minimum rather than 0.25% of sales.

Shopify Plus makes your store more scalable, offers rich features, more customization offers, script editing facility that makes your store run more smoothly and have the best customer experience. If you want to switch to Shopify Plus, contact experts. 

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