Best Shopify Themes With Beautiful eCommerce Designs for 2022

The design of a website plays an important role when it comes to e-commerce stores. It is the first impression for the visitor and may break or convert sales. And if you have no experience in web designing, creating the quality design will be difficult for you. 

If you want to invest more time making strategies and designing advertisement campaigns than spending time on creating themes for your website, then it is the best idea to explore the best-performing Shopify themes for your website. 

Whether you want a theme for your online store or you are looking for your next client website project, we have compiled everything best for you. And you can even discover the latest eCommerce trends. 

So, without wasting much time, check out some trending Shopify themes for your e-commerce store:

Best eCommerce Shopify Themes

You can enjoy all the amazing themes for your Shopify store in 2022. There are about 280 Shopify themes to choose from, but we will look at some of the main and best. 

Elise – A Genuinely Multi-Concept Shopify Theme

Elise is designed to work for any industry, whether you are selling jewelry, kid’s toys, or any other products you can use this theme. Elise is fully customized so, you can choose how your store will look. This means you can control every part of your store and how it looks for your visitors. 

MolteStore – Multi Store Responsive Shopify Theme

Multistore is a professional and clean theme with drag and drop functionality. It is user-friendly and fully responsive and looks stunning on all types of screens and devices. It is superb for fashion niche products, digital stores, games shops, food stores, household appliances products, and any other categories. 

Phuler – Flower Shop Shopify Theme + Dropshipping

Phule is an excellent theme for florists and flower shops. It is an elegant, good-looking, and fully responsive theme. The theme has been built to create a beautiful, charming, and splendid flower shop or floral website. It is in-built Shopify Sections, using drag & drop page builder.

Certainly, Phuler Shopify Theme is flexible to build your online store to match your expectation and cater to your target customers.

Foodly – One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop

The best theme to run is an online store of organic food and grocery shop. Foodly is created with HTML5 and CSS3, it has fully responsive designs and is retina-ready. 

It is not only good under the hood, but the UI/UX design looks great. Thanks to the documentation, editing these Shopify page templates is an effortless task.

A-Mart Shopify Website Theme

A-mart is suitable for organic food shops, it is colorful, modern, and responsive. It is also suitable for agricultural business stores, and healthy food stores. It is also good for dairy, cheese farms, grape farms, corporate eco products, bread, butter, and bakery items.  The theme offers an intuitive interface and informative formats that look amazing on any platform. It is also fully responsive and retina-ready. 

Best Practices for E-commerce Websites

  • Choosing the right theme for your online store is the first step of your e-commerce journey. If you want your online store more flexible and user-friendly, here are some tips to consider. 
  • Within your Shopify store, there are some improvements you can make that will enhance your search engine visibility, making it easy for the web to find you for visitors. 
  • Create clean and informative content for your website, a deep understanding of the products, and a website that states what your brand store is about. Display products, product descriptions, and testimonials. 
  • To reduce cart abandonment work on your website speed optimization, make sure all your prices are displayed, and try to give free shipping over a certain cart value

These were some themes for you to choose from for your online store according to your needs and store’s suitability, and to keep your store updated and user-friendly with the best experiences.

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