The Ultimate Guide to Sell Worldwide from India via Shopify

The past years have brought the future of e-commerce business forward, indeed the e-commerce business is bursting. It is predicted that the B2C e-commerce market will grow by USD 4 billion by 2027 globally. In fact, the export rate of India via e-commerce crossed in 2020 by USD 1 billion.  

But the question is does your product have the possibility for global selling? And is your store able for worldwide sales? 

If you run your online store via Shopify, you can sell your products from local to global. In this article, we’ll break down exactly how you can do that.

It sounds like an exciting idea to sell across borders, but in different regions, people have different browsing and purchasing habits.  The approach of a catch-all is sure to weaken your efforts and prevent your international expansion before you even start. But if you already have customers from different countries, explore further. The international visitors are an indicator of demand for your products from global buyers. You can identify the international markets that you want to start selling to after analyzing various factors and records. 

And if you do not have international buyers yet, no worries you can still sell your products to different countries that you think are a good and potent choice for demand. Countries that are close to your border, use the same language, and share the same habits probably will be a good choice to consider. For example, If you are selling from India, Nepal could be the best choice to target as they share the same language and proximity to the border.   

Create a Localised Experience

After identifying the markets that you want to target, now the next step to follow is to create a localized experience for the international customers.  There are various barriers to localizing your website, but there are some things that you absolutely should ensure. It includes displaying the content of your website in their native language, displaying the price in their local currency, and displaying the right details to the right customers.

Set up an International Payment Gateways For International Payments

Expanding your store to the international market will require you to configure your store to accept international currencies. 

Search for the payment gateways that accept international payments such as RazorPay. But we will suggest you configure your store to a highly trustable and locally recognized payment gateway such as PayPal for a better conversion rate. 

Offer International Shipping

One of the most important parts of the buying experience is how your buyers will get their products.

One of the important aspects of the shopping experience is how your customers get their products. Delivering to international buyers is likely more expensive, so these are some points to consider that will help you in smooth shipping. 

  • Check fees and options with your preferred shipping carrier.
  • To provide cheaper shipping to your customers, consider adjusting the price of your products for your target markets. 
  • Assure fast shipping as it builds trust and improves user experience. 
  •   Research about the tax obligations of the target countries you want to ship to and make sure to accommodate. 

Marketing and Advertising

You have done a lot of work on your store for localizing the product to the target countries, now the time is to increase demands for your products. And increasing the demand for the products needs marketing and advertising. One of the best ways of advertising the product in international countries is to create region-specific campaigns that target your international buyers specifically. 

There are many more things to work on for expanding your store globally. You will need to be up-to-date with the global market as it changes rapidly. But recognizing the recent market shopping patterns will help you to sell more. 

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