How Shopify Themes Can Help in Boosting Your Content Marketing Strategy

Shopify themes play a bigger role than you may think when it comes to levelling up your business. But, it is one of the most overlooked aspects of a website. There are a number of businesses out there who still neglect to blog, even though it can bring them a number of exciting opportunities to grow and expand. As an eCommerce merchant you must always think ahead and go an extra mile to create required strategy and start with posting gripping content.  

Blogging doesn’t only work amazingly to be on a more personal level with your website visitors and potential clients, but you can also focus on targeting keywords to improve traffic and revenue. A bad website design can completely ruin the user experience and result in a failed content strategy. On the other hand, a good website design can help you connect with your brand efficiently. 

How Shopify Blog Themes Can Affect Your Content Marketing Strategy?

There can be a number of ways in which your Shopify blog theme can affect your content marketing results. But there are three of the main benefits that can make or break your content marketing strategy:

Themes Make Content More Accessible

You need to ensure that your blog and posts are easy to navigate. If you are running your eCommerce business on an outdated theme, it may have a lot of poorly placed navigation options and it could lead many visitors to leave the website.

Improves Readability and Enhances User Experience

If the website design makes it difficult for the users to read the content – they won’t be able to. It is important to choose the right type of fonts, colours of the background and also the type of text that helps in improving the user’s experience and readability on your blog. 

Boosts Visibility 

Flat ui/ux background

First impressions are very important when it comes to the content of your blog. Hence, the Shopify theme you choose must always showcase what your brand stands for. Also, choosing a theme that looks professional and attractive will create lasting impressions on visitors’ minds.

4 Of The Best Shopify Blog Themes

You need to choose a theme that is perfect for your eCommerce store, otherwise it can harm your brand reputation and very negatively ruin all your content marketing efforts. There are thousands of themes out there and it can be very overwhelming when you want to choose the best one.

For this, we have found the top 4 of the best Shopify blog themes that you can choose for your store. 


Vogue theme by Shopify offers a unique lookbook-style that is appropriate for the eCommerce stores that want to showcase their products in an editorial-style spread. This theme can display text and pictures from the last published posts on your store’s homepage. Thus, you can choose from the number of posts displayed. 


If you are looking for a multipurpose responsive theme for your clothing brand store, Trendway is the one for you. There are 7 pre-made layouts offered by the theme that highlight both bog content and the product images with a clean and minimal design. This theme is highly customizable, you can change the design of the footer, header, colours and more to match your brands’ personality. 


Initially Ugo was created as a blog theme but now it has all the necessary key-features that help in creating, promoting and improving the eCommerce website. There are a lot of features that will help in offering a smooth user friendly experience.  


Yanka is another theme if you want to start your fashion or clothing store. It is an attractive theme that is perfect if you are looking for a luxurious feel. What makes this theme stand out is that it offers 18 different layouts that give amazing opportunities to the users to build stores that stand for the brand’s style. There are a number of customisable features like fonts, visuals, colour schemes and more. 

Here we are! At the end of this blog post! We hope that you will keep these tips in mind before you get started with your store and its content marketing strategy.

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