Is WordPress Still the Best in 2022?

WordPress has been the best for website building and content management systems, is it still best to do the job? Around 40% of the website are using WordPress to run their sites. 

Despite its popularity, it has been criticized for some reasons, and people are asking if is it still worth using? What is the problem with WordPress? Could some other alternative hosting platforms replace it? 

let’s see:

3 Big Faults of WordPress

WordPress has some flaws which doubt its future. Here are the three critical ones:

Slow Loading Speed

WordPress takes more resources from the server and its plugins and heavy themes add an extra burden to the website which results in a slow loading speed. Slow loading speed irritates the customers resulting in a bad user experience and preventing the website from ranking on Google. 

Security Concern

WordPress is tending to cyber-attacks. About 90% of the CMS that are using WordPress are hacked. WordPress is a favorite target of a hacker.

By manipulating a security loophole in software or any plugin, hackers can acquire access to thousands of websites. Hackers can take the advantage of vulnerabilities of thousands of plugins to manipulate the website. WordPress users welcome the vulnerabilities by using outdated plugins and core software, and the lack of potential security makes the website weak and easy to hack. 

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The Need for Plugins

You need WordPress plugins even for basic functionality. No doubt you have plugins available for every purpose, but installing too many plugins can hamper the performance of the site and slow down its speed. Using too many plugins may ruin compatibility issues. 

If you want to enjoy the best experience and stand out among all you need to buy premium plugins, even though there are thousands of free plugins. 

subscribing to too many plugins may cost you drastically, but it increases the website’s functionality. 

Why WordPress is Still Favoured?

Drawbacks and flaws are part of every platform, nothing is perfect, but you have to choose according to your website’s demands and uses, or may the niche can decide the platform’s utility. 

WordPress is still powerful because of the following reasons:

— WordPress is easy to use, and a person with some technical knowledge can create a website very easily. It has free plugins which contribute to the great functionalities of the website. Fortunately, it has an intuitive interface, and it’s easy to navigate through the dashboard.

— WordPress supports every sort of website you want to create, so, you don’t have to worry about whether to create a website on the CMS or not. From building a portfolio or creating a personal blog site, e-commerce to any kind of site you can create with the help of its plugins. 

— It offers you a huge collection of plugins, add-ons, and extensions to expand your website. Those various extensions allow you to make anything you want.

— Very easy to give a look to your website as you wish to with the help of thousands of add-ons, plugins, and templates to choose from. Each offers a different unique option for customization let you make an attractive website. 

— Best for SEO use to rank your website on Google and bring new users to it.

— Gives you complete control of the website so you can keep it simple and add the features you want.

We believe everything has some flaws and some drawbacks, you can’t stop searching when you try to find a perfect platform. Features of every platform make them unique. The same thing is applicable to WordPress too. You can choose according to your website requirements. We hope this article helped you to explore WordPress closely.

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