Best WordPress Review Plugins Updated List 2022

Review plugins are to post product reviews on your WordPress site. You can use these plugins to make sure the content is SEO friendly and appealing. 

There are numerous WordPress review plugins, but which one to choose? This can make you confused. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best review plugins you can choose from for the betterment of your website.

Why Should You Use WordPress Review Plugins?

Some people do not trust online products, when they want to buy something online they often check product reviews. I also recommend checking the reviews before buying to avoid wasting money. People usually search for product reviews to make sure they are buying the right product. 

That’s why showing reviews can be very helpful to your website. One of the benefits is that you can bring more visitors who need help with their decision to buy something.

Some companies pay you a commission for reviewing their products, you can make money out of it is another benefit. 

Or, you can draw more visitors into buying what you sell by showing good reviews from your previous buyers. You can enhance the product visibility for buyers by activating review plugins. 

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Best WordPress Review Plugins:

There are generally two important functions that a WordPress review plugin should do, The ideal WordPress should have the following utilities:

  1. Builds a unique testimonial box that displays a clear rating system.
  2. Gives rich snippets for higher ranking in search engines.

Customer Reviews for Woocommerce

This WordPress plugin is free; you can work on any WordPress site without integrating woo-commerce, but these two are best when combined. Both the tools are best when combined to create a strong engagement between your website and customers.

For example, after someone purchases a product from your site, Customer Reviews will send a message urging them to review the quality of their overall purchase experience. It will help you collect customer feedback and new customers will easily trust your website.


Taqyeem is a top-rated WordPress plugin with a wide range of features and utilities. It cost around $29, and you will have powerful features and tools that can get you more visitors and rank your site higher on search engines. 

It has a reliable markup implementation whether your review is a custom post or page type. Even your customer’s feedback can help your website be more SEO friendly.

WP Review Pro

WP is the best review plugin you can have on your WordPress site. It supports 14 kinds of rich snippets which is important to notice and it may suit many subjects like films, books, and even paintings. 

You also have access to customization settings apart from the 16 default layout templates. There are endless colours to choose from for the review box and five options of rating systems.

Ultimate Blocks

The ultimate block comes with over 15 blocks that help you to create better content for your website. It is free and easy to use.

The review block lets you add schema-enabled reviews on your WordPress website. 

Adding a description, feature list, star rating method, outline, or summary this block can create more engaging and create conversation-focused content for the reader. 

It is fully responsive and fast and has a lot of customization options that let you change its design and look to match your website’s branding and themes. 

So, these were some review plugins for your WordPress website, you can use them to draw more visitors and improve the visibility of the products from your site.

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