Shopify: How to Write Meta Description that Drive Clicks and Conversion

Search engines are mostly used to look for the products and information that a searcher may be looking for. If you are running an eCommerce store and it appears on the top of the search results, there is a high chance that the searchers will end up clicking on your page. Thus, you must update your content with keywords that your website visitors may use to find your products. Also, if you want better rank on search engines, you can add keywords to four main places including the page titles, meta description, Alt Tags, Page’s body content. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some tips on how to write great meta descriptions that drive conversions.

How to Write Meta Description that Drive Clicks and Conversion 

What makes meta descriptions stand out? How do you write meta descriptions that drive clicks and conversions and help in improving the ranking? Below mentioned are a few tips that can help you in creating better meta descriptions. 

Try and Include CTA in Meta Descriptions 

Using CTA (Call-to-action) commands in your meta description can be very beneficial for you when you want people to click on your website. These call to action phrases can be something like “click now” or “shop now,” when they come up on SERPs. These CTAs help in making website visitors understand what the page is offering and what they can expect if they click. 

Keep it Value Focused

Your meta descriptions must always consist of the value that you are offering and it can make people click on your website. A meta description should provide all the information about the offerings. It should be understandable to the visitors and whether it’s worth their time. Using words like “new,” “popular,” and “deals” can help in making these meta descriptions more attractive. 

Try Different Description Lengths

The limit of meta description should be around 150 characters. Anything above this length will shorten your description in the search results and the users will not be able to see the content after the cut off. It is better to experiment with the content lengths and see what works best for different pages. 

Make it Unique

Meta descriptions give an overview about the content on a page. Hence, they are very important when it comes to attracting readers’ attention. Though, there can be many other ways to grab users’ attention including clickbait titles or solving the users’ problems. You can also try and use attractive words or phrases like “shocking,” “Limited period,” or “life changing.” But make sure that you are not overpromising anything. 

These are some of our tips for you when it comes to creating meta descriptions for your websites. By following these tips you will be able to drive clicks and conversions.

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