Some Essential Facebook Ad Tips For Online Store [July 2022]

Online shopping is a trend nowadays, the trend is seeming to be acquiring the whole offline market in the coming years. What does it require to grow an online store? Clearly, the platforms like Facebook and other media channel are where people spend most of their time. In this blog, we will share some essential tips for Facebook ads to boost your online store’s presence. 

Running ads on Facebook for your online store is tricky and requires study. Most online store owners get confused about why they want to run ads in the first place. 

A potential revenue-generating Facebook ad strategy must read the mind of Facebook users. Ad campaigns must be clear what is the goal of the campaign and what kind of audience they want to target. 

 The ideal marketing strategy should have cold traffic and retargeting campaigns using a variety of ad types.

In this post, we will share some essential tips to accelerate sales to your online store.

Use Clear Images on your Ads

The first and most important step to drawing attention to your ad is appearance. Appearance is how your ad looks, and to make your ad campaign more attractive you should use stunning pictures in your ads.

  • Try using some eye-catching colors 
  • Avoid taking similar colors to Facebook in your ads as a result a user may not notice them because of the same color as Facebook.
  •   Generally, Women’s advertising pictures perform well than Men.

Use the interests Strategy to target Your audience

Facebook is for socializing initially, and people log in to Facebook to chat and socialize not for shopping. Therefore it is important to advertise your products to the target audience to get maximum results. if you target the wrong audience, is not going to show results. It’s essential to play about with the “Interests” box if you’re selling a specialized product.

Focus on Cart Abandonment

Why do you need an ad for cart abandonment? When people add products to their carts it shows that they are interested to shop. Yet 70% of people abandon their carts before checking it out. People who abandon their carts may only need encouragement or reminder to complete their order. You can design your ads in a way that nudges people to complete their orders.

Create Content

You should create content for your every ad campaign rather than just posting it on Facebook. Creating amazing content may drive more sales, try entertaining your audience through content creation, nowadays a great way to get popularity.

Video Ads

Without any doubt, videos advertisement performs well than pictures. Last year, Hubspot tested Facebook video vs. image campaigns and discovered that their video got 20% more clicks than the image. when it comes to video content, Facebook’s user engagement is the most heightened, and Facebook video content brings more organic traffic.

Messenger Ads

Facebook messenger ads can be more effective than any other way. Facebook messenger ads give you more sales, as the ad is directly showing in the chat box of the user. Facebook users will pay more attention to the chat box and an ad in the chat box could give you better results. It reaches users when they are actively engaging on social media.

Facebook Instant Experience Ads

Instant Experience ads should also be on your list of essential Facebook advertising for online stores. Facebook’s Instant Experiences, formerly known as Canvas Ads, let advertisers design a stunning, full-screen destination for their ads. These advertisements work particularly well when you are telling the story about your items or a product that need to convey a lot of product information.

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