WordPress vs Shopify which Platform is Best to Build an E-commerce Store

Shopping in the comfort of your home is easier than ever nowadays, we can buy anything at our door, from clothes to food. It is also easy to create your own online store, thanks to amazing platforms like WordPress and Shopify. If you have an idea for creating an ideal online store but, confused about which platform is to use to create your online store, then this article will simplify a few things for you. We will give an overview of both platforms to help you understand which one is best suited for you.

Shopify vs WordPress which platform should you use?

Shopify and WordPress have totally different approaches when it comes to creating a website, WordPress is open-source and Shopify is closed-source. This means WordPress allows you to create and customize your website as you wish to, in Shopify, it is restricted but it has some free and premium plugins that make your job easy. Due to this feature both the platforms operate differently. 

Shopify is a website builder, the platform offers required plugins to keep the website live, a person with less technical knowledge just has to sign up purchase a few plugins, and pay some monthly charges to keep the website efficient. 

Shopify is created especially for e-commerce, so it’s only ever used for building an online store. 

We Recommend Shopify for :

  • The people with little technical knowledge but want to create their own online store
  • If you have a good budget to run and keep your website live
  • If you want convenience not coding

On the other hand, WordPress is different and it has two forms and works the same way as any website builder which allows you to create your own website with the help of some advanced plugins. is a self-hosted form, the software is good for people with technical knowledge.  You build any sort of website with It includes an online store, personal blogs, etc.

We Recommend WordPress for:

  • If you want to customize your website in your own style
  • You have planned a budget to pay a developer
  • If you are a technical person with some coding skills

Shopify vs WordPress Themes and Templates:

Themes and templates are the basic design of your website you choose from them to give an attractive look to your website. Shopify has almost 70 themes some of them are free to use and others are premium you have to pay a monthly subscription to use them. So it is good if you have a budget. It is important to know that all these themes are mobile-friendly.

Coming to WordPress, the platform has more than 1000 plugins just for e-commerce platforms. The themes are either provided by WordPress or developed by a third party. Some of the themes are not mobile-responsive, the themes which are not offered by WordPress itself may clash while operating with the platform.

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Shopify vs WordPress Customer Support:

Shopify offers 24/7 customer support services in various ways via email, live chat, and Shopify’s help center.

WordPress does not offer direct customer support. There are only some resources, such as forums, that provide support.

As we discussed, WordPress is designed for technical people, so it does not contribute much to customer assistance. It is free of charge as you are not paying for the high-quality services. Instead, there are some youtube channels that may help sort out issues.

Shopify vs WordPress Payment Options:

Shopify supports a variety of payment gateways, like Amazon pay, apple pay, and PayPal.

Shopify payment is its own payment gateway, which can process payments in various major currencies. 

WordPress offers its plugins for payment options. All the plugins cover major gateways, and there are no extra charges excluding each plugin’s own transaction fee.

Wrapping up

Hope this article covered major points to help you choose the platform which is best suited for your e-commerce site. If you want to only focus on creating and growing a business, go for Shopify, and if you are a technical person who wants to customize and take total control over your website then WordPress and Woocommerce plugins are ideal for you.

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