Some Amazing Facts About WordPress

WordPress needs no introduction, it is a highly popular platform for creating a website and content management platform. Everyone out there must have used or at least heard about WordPress. 

We have gathered a list of WordPress stats to appreciate the platform and to help you know powerful and influential this open-source platform is.

So, without making you wait, let’s start with the list of facts

One of the WordPress themes has earned over 12  Million Dollars in Sales

The most famous and most demanded WordPress theme on Theme Forest is Avada. Avada is worth $59 and it has sold around 200,000 copies which have generated over $12,000,000 in sales to date and counting.

WordPress is SEO friendly and Helps Google Crawling Issues

The ex-head of Google’s webspam team, Matt Cutts, claims that sites which are created with WordPress are qualified for ranking higher in search results because the platform helps about 80-90% of Google’s crawling issues. WordPress is SEO friendly indeed.

WordPress 5.3 Hold a record of  More Than 7 Million downloads

The current version of WordPress, that is WordPress 5.3 has a record of 7 million downloads. Just look at the download counter to see how rapidly the number of downloads is increasing.

There Are About 54,000+ Free Plugins currently

There are currently 54,000 plugins available with 1.5 billion total download records. It is debatable if WordPress should take an active step to dismiss some outdated obsolete plugins. This will simplify the task if you want some specific changes to your website so, there will be updated plugins available for you.

An Average WordPress Developer Earns $51,000

According to, the data reveals that the average WordPress web developer makes over $50,000.

71% of All WordPress Content is in English

WordPress also tells that 71% of the content is in the English language, which means English is the most used language to create content for blogging followed by  Spanish which is the second number with 4.7% and Indonesian is third with 2.4% content language.

WordPress users Make 27 New Posts Every Second

The users and content create makes 6 to 7 new content or blog post every second across the globe.

WordPress Has Several Employees Globally

It is really amazing to know that WordPress has several employees working in the company to make it a big one,  of employees are  1,148 in numbers. And, these employees are spread in many different regions around the world and perform their duty completely remotely. We are linking source data. (source)

WordPress receives more unique visitors than Twitter

There are around 163 million unique visitors each month on WordPress, which is higher than Twitter, which has “only” 156 million unique visitors per month, according to Automattic

WordPress Offers 196 Languages To Create Content

 translation website of WordPress displays 196 languages with 40 of them being 100% translated. The total number of available languages is 196. We are excited for WordPress to start releasing content in every language possible.

WordPress Is, by Far, the Most Used CMS

WordPress holds around 61.8% of the market According to information compiled by W3techs, The second most highly used CMS is Joomla, which holds 4.7% of the market share that is far far behind.


Wrapping up with the fact that WordPress is a very effective, and highly popular platform to create and manage the content and build your website. Download WordPress now to know more about its features and offered plugins

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