What is WordPress: Everything you Need to Know About WordPress

WordPress is a platform of  Content Management System (CMS), the software you can use to create and manage a website without any special knowledge of coding. This platform is all you need to go from creating your website to running it successfully it can customize your site and give it a look as you want.

WordPress was first introduced in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. It was started with a simple concept for the people who wanted to create their personal blogs and publish them on the internet. And with time, it’s grown into a versatile, robust tool for building any kind of website.

What Makes WordPress Versatile?

The first thing which makes it unique is that the platform is open-source, which means it is freely available to the audience and anyone in the world can download it and modify it according to their website needs. the software is not restricted under trademark or copyright to a specific audience.

What is more? it means the WordPress Core is developed and managed by a dedicated community of professionals.

This is great news for you as a user for a variety of reasons:

The platform is free to download and use to customize your website.

Many free and affordable modules are developed for use with WordPress as of now.

WordPress is developed by its professionals to make it user-friendly and to have the flexible features most demanded by website content creators.

This platform is very flexible, you can choose how to interact with the software and customize your website as you want to do with the help of additional tools and features.

What are the Best Uses Of WordPress?

WordPress was started as a small, blogging-centric platform that offers every feature which is beneficial for blogging, and it gives you the best solutions for creating an attractive website. There are ready-to-use templates and edits for creating posts, powerful comments functionality, and many more features.

But, WordPress is not just for blogging any longer. In fact, you can create just about any type of site you can imagine with the help of this amazing platform. Here are some examples of the sites where WordPress can be best suited for you.

Online portfolios: It is easy to create an online portfolio of your achievements and showcase previous projects, and work samples, most important you can attract new clients by showing your portfolio with the help of the right WordPress theme.

Affiliate websites:  WordPress helps in creating an affiliate marketing website. If you want to create an affiliate marketing website it also offers some dedicated solutions to monetize your website any other way.

News sites: WordPress wok perfectly with the news portals to publish daily news and many of the same features help in blogging and news articles.

E-commerce stores: If you have an online store or you are going to create one, there are some tools to simplify your work in making an attractive website.

Community hubs: You can easily create forums, fan sites, knowledge bases, weblogs, and any other online social center to meet people of the same interests.

Business sites: You can increase the visibility of your business whether it is a small or big scale by sharing some details of your business like your contact number, the purpose of business, and feedback from customers.

In the end, WordPress is an amazing but equally basic website creation solution. You can customize and make changes to the look of your website as you want. And if you have knowledge of HTML and CSS, you make just about any changes you wish to. If you are not a technical expert person, you can still use plugins and themes to design your website to meet your exact needs.

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