5 Proven Shopify Hacks to Boost Your Online Sales by 100% (Part Two)

Shopify is one of the preferred choices of the store merchants when it comes to taking the business online. The platform offers amazing scalability, performance and flexibility that makes it the choice of the store merchants. In the last blog post, we shared 5 proven Shopify hacks that can help in improving your online sales by 100%. In this post, we are continuing and sharing 5 other proven Shopify hacks to improve the overall revenue generated by your Shopify store. 

5 Proven Shopify Hacks to Boost Your Online Sales by 100%

Below mentioned are a few Shopify hacks that can help in boosting your online sales by 100%. These hacks when used for your Shopify store can generate results like never before and will help you generate incredible profits without much effort. 

Try Countdown Sales

When you want a hype for your products, countdown sales can be your best bet. Offering a countdown sale for a period of time for exclusive products can help in boosting your sales for a particular time. This works perfectly when the product offered is in limited supply. As countdown sales create an urgency to purchase the product as it is a good marketing strategy to generate desired results. 

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Offer Easy Checkout Process

One of the most common mistakes that online merchants make is that they offer a long checkout process. A long checkout process may increase the risk of customers abandoning their carts or can also lead to customers changing their minds. Therefore, to ensure that doesn’t happen, you can offer a quick and easy streamlined checkout process. You can also collect customers details including their email to make sure that you can reach out to them in the future. 

Highlight Customer Reviews 

Undeniably, customer reviews can be one of the most impactful ways to persuade customers to try your products and services. It is observed that 95% of the customers look at the product reviews before buying anything. The reason behind that is that the customers prefer trusting another consumer rather than the brand itself.  Therefore, you can ask your loyal customers to leave a review about your offerings to help you create desired revenues. 

Allow Guest Checkout

Many customers would abandon their carts if they have to register for a new account to shop. Though, customers do register to shop but there may be cases like they want to buy the product in a hurry. That is when the users may abandon their carts and leave the purchase process incomplete. That is why a guest checkout process is helpful. Though, on Shopify it is optional for the customers to sign up for an account before they can make a purchase. Therefore, all you need to do is just enable the guest checkout option from your account. 

Provide a Mobile-Friendly Experience

Many customers prefer shopping online through their mobile phones. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are offering a mobile-friendly experience to your customers. What this means is your website should look good not only on desktop but on mobile phones as well. Try to offer an easy navigation on mobile phones so the customers face absolutely no problem while shopping through their mobile phones. 

By following the simple tips mentioned above and the previous post, you will be able to make the most out of your Shopify store and it can help in generating desired revenue from your Shopify store. These tips can help in increasing sales and conversion to a great extent. 

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