5 Proven Shopify Hacks to Boost Your Online Sales by 100% (Part One)

Let’s say you have started a Shopify store, you have updated the products, categories, images and more and are keen to drive in traffic and get revenue. Though Shopify is an easy-to-use, flexible and scalable platform, there are some additional things that you need to take care of in order to get the most out of the platform. Be that as it may, there are a number of eCommerce marketing strategies that can be used in order to improve sales. Strategies like upselling products, integrating Instagram, Facebook store, email campaigns and whatnot. But there are some hacks that you can follow in order to boost your Shopify sales by 100%. 

5 Proven Shopify Hacks to Boost Your Online Sales by 100%

Every online merchant wants to expand their sales in order to generate as much revenue as possible. But, it can only be done if they are aware and using different hacks of the eCommerce platform to get the most out of it. Below mentioned are 5 proven Shopify hacks that can be very beneficial when it comes to boosting your sales by 100%:

Use Back in Stock App

eCommerce merchants may lose their precious salesmen if the products are out of stock. It may be a very common problem. However, there are some Shopify tricks that can help in recovering those lost sales. By integrating a “Back in Stock” app you can notify your customers when items they are interested in come back in stock. This way you can condition your customers to look for notification regarding your products in the future. 

Optimise and Compress the Images

Okay, we all know this! High resolution images are attractive! But it comes with a risk of loading “too” slow if the customers’ internet connection is slow. This may increase the risk of cart abandonment and bounce rates. But, to ensure that. Doesn’t happen, it is important to use images that are optimised correctly and are compressed properly.  

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Use Focused and Engaging Product Description

Product description plays a vital role when it comes to providing the customers with necessary information about the product. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a professional in writing good quality product descriptions. But you must include different product attributes like adjectives to describe the product, easy language, the uses of the product and shorter easy to understand sentences.

Optimise the Store for SEO

SEO can be a very time-consuming task for Shopify store owners.but with simpler hacks it can be done in a swish! You need to analyse your Shopify store for basic SEO. Then you can download the SEO Plugin for Shopify that can help in reviewing your store and finding fixes for easy Shopify issues. Another thing that you can do is to choose a professional Shopify development company that can do necessary things for you and then you can simply enjoy earning more revenue!

Try Different Pricing Strategies

Some customers may be just browsing through the different stores in order to find the best price. Therefore, you must have a competitive pricing strategy that is appropriate for your industry. If it is possible for you, you can slo try different pricing strategies to understand your customers in a better way. These strategies can include everything from free shipping, price matching, discounts, bundle products and more. 

When you have set up your store successfully, you can follow these basic hacks in order to make the most out of your Shopify store. With these tricks you will be able to generate more sales without much effort. 

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