Top Best Drag and Drop App Builder Free | 2022

It is necessary for every business to have its own website to scale business in the competitive E-commerce industry and to serve their customer better. It is very important to build a website to grow and get recognized your business and catch customers across the globe. The hurdles you face while developing an App are technical issues and coding, you need a person with coding and technical knowledge and has experience in app development.

However, the question is can you still develop an app without any coding skills and technical knowledge?

The answer is an absolute Yes! 

This article will take you through some best tools for shopping app builder free. These app developers let design your app you launch it effectively without any technical knowledge.

What is an App Builder?

An app builder is a tool that helps you to design your business app. It does not demand any technical and coding knowledge from you plus, it makes the process of app building fast and a lot cheaper than any other traditional app development process. 

Usually, app development requires a lot of time and knowledge of coding, UX design, graphic design, testing, finalizing, and launching. 

With the help of App builder, you can design the app without UX design and coding. it offers you the templets and ready-to-use objects with some basic functions. you just need to drag and drop these templates and the app is ready.

Top Best Drag and Drop App  Builder

Here is the list of drop and drag app builders for 2022, we have collected some of the best for you so, let’s have a look:


AppInstitute is promising as the App Builder for active small business owners. And they provide you with different features and excellent functions. This App Builder is excellent when designing an app with e-commerce features like menus and catalogs. The app development process is easy it lets you develop and publish your app quickly.


  • 100% free to use
  • chat support system
  • easy to drag and drop
  • Online payment


Bizness is a great Drag and Drop app builder that has user-friendly features. You can easily customize the design, put content and use objects very easily. the App lets you see the real-time updates, and let you update the app without going through any lengthy process.


  • User-friendly content
  • Effortless and easy to use
  • Smooth experience
  • Customized temples


Mobincube is a stunning drag and drops app with excellent functions and its qualities are superb. you can create your app and launch it effectively. the process is super easy, quick, and free. the app lets you design native and HTML apps.


  • Easy customize
  • Database integration 
  • Support native and HTML site
  • Store integration


Swiftic is one of the perfect and reliable drag and drops app Builder. The users who use this App Builder are industries like bands, restaurants, and other types of event businesses. it comes with seven different templates, each of which can be designed with six different navigation.


  • Social integration
  • Scheduling
  • Branches
  • Catalogs


App Machine is like an AI machine that has simplified some boring tasks of making a mobile app if you have a website. The stunning Lego interface makes the task of building an app less boring and makes it a fun task. 


  • Advanced designed option
  • Automates app update
  • Advanced options for designs

Wrap up

Hope the articles helped you understand the drag and drop app builder more clearly. You can choose any of them to design your own app without any technical knowledge. The process of developing the app is very simple and quick with these app builders.

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