Should You Choose Shopify as Your Online Store?

These days, it is important for offline store owners to have a presence in the online market. Many people tend to overlook the offline stores but they can surely come across online stores while browsing the internet. It is observed that 80% of shopping is now done online. Therefore, it only makes sense to have an online store. Now, when it comes to having an online store, there are two options available to the merchants. The merchants can either choose Magento or Shopify. 

Magento is an incredible platform that offers amazing flexibility, scalability and functions that are a must to run a successful online store. But this post is not about that. In this post, we’ll be sharing about Shopify and why it should be the choice of online store merchants. What makes Shopify the best choice for an eCommerce store is that the platform offers amazing flexibility to its users. Shopify is easy to use and is highly scalable so that it can grow with your business. There are thousands of merchants who have trusted Shopify as their eCommerce partner. There are many other reasons why you would want to choose Shopify as your ecommerce partner and these reasons are mentioned below. 

Reasons That Make Shopify a Great Choice For Online Merchants

Shopify is one of the best platforms available for eCommerce. It is certainly worth considering when it comes to being a good value for money. Shopify helps the business owners to get a flexible store builder that can help in improving the sales and conversion. But there are many other reasons that make Shopify a great choice to run an online business. 

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In-built Marketing Tools and SEO Benefits

Shopify has a lot of in-built marketing tools that help in lowering down the additional costs when it comes to the use of start-ups. These marketing tools help in adding page titles, different URLs, Meta description and redirecting the pages in case of a need. Apart from that, Shopify has incredible SEO functionality available that helps the store merchants to add products and descriptions in a way that is incredibly SEO friendly. Shopify also provides the store owners an ability to optimise website’s content. But certainly, there is a need for a level of SEO understanding to get the most out of this feature. 

Ease Of Use

Shopify is a very easy to use platform. When using Shopify, you will not need any background in web development or you may not need a team of developers. Also, Shopify provides you with more than 100 mobile-friendly, professional and easy to use themes to choose from. There is also an array of paid themes or premium themes that have incredible customisation options. 

Cross Channel Selling

Shopify offers sales across different platforms and channels. For example, Facebook using the Shopify Facebook App. Also, Shopify offers capabilities to sell on other different platforms like Twitter, Wanelo and Pinterest. All these things play a crucial role in helping the online stores improve their potential audience and increase sales number. 

High Security

Shopify also provides the best service when it comes to the security aspect of the stores. When it comes to different payment providers, Shopify also provides easy and quick integration and it also supports a built-in speed checker which enables the users to fulfil the payments at a faster loading time. 

Building a successful online store is not just about having greater revenue. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of including easy navigation and quicker loading of websites. Though, running a Shopify store can be easy but with the help of professional developers you can make your Shopify store more convenient and improve the performance. 

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