Top Tips For Magento Store On-Page Product Optimization

Magento is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms available today. It is a complex unit of processes, actions, and managed sections that can be daunting, especially for a single person. No matter who you are: store owner or web developer, it is always important to remember to optimise the management process and save time. No matter what you do and what your business is, there always comes the time when you start thinking “Is it worth it?”. At some point it becomes more difficult and you feel like going around in circles, staying in one place, not growing.

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This is the common thing for people in online business. It is obvious that with the growth of the Internet, the number of websites increases. The same goes for online stores: the more people find shopping online convenient, the more store owners are moving their businesses towards the bricks and clicks model.

Why Do I Need to Optimise My On-Page Product Descriptions?

The big reason is SEO.

Many e-commerce stores will simply duplicate information found on pages elsewhere when selling a particular item, resulting in a flood of websites using the same images and product descriptions. That’s a big no-no and could kill your conversion rate. By taking the time to optimise your on-page product descriptions, you can make it easier for your customers to navigate your store, you can avoid duplicate content penalties, and you can maximise conversions. So read on and learn some easy ways to start optimising your product descriptions.

Start With Product Names (and URLs)

When choosing a product name, you should keep your descriptions short, but make sure they are descriptive. Long and complex product names will only confuse your customers and make it harder to navigate your store. Keep it simple, but descriptive.

Add Meta Titles and Descriptions

Next, you’ll want to make sure you’re optimising your products for SEO. Good meta titles and descriptions are a key factor in helping customers find your products in search results.

Write Your Own Product Descriptions and Be Clear

This is one of the most time-consuming parts of adding new products to your store, but it’s worth it. When you write a product description, you have the opportunity to make a sales pitch to a potential customer – and sell them on the product more effectively than other stores. You can also naturally integrate SEO keywords into your text, which can improve your page’s ranking in Google and other search engines.

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Beyond optimising your images for better load times, you should also make sure to add full and comprehensive alt text for each image. Alt text tells search engines what a particular image is about. Search engines like Google still can’t interpret images on their own, so they rely on alt text to display image results. Alternate text is also essential for users who are visually impaired and likely to use screen readers.

With the tips above, you can easily edit and modify your product descriptions to be more effective – and to attract customers, increase sales, and maximise your SEO profile. So don’t wait. Follow these tips and start improving your Magento 2 store today.

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