Top Tips For Keeping Your Magento 2 Store Safe

E-commerce is growing dramatically, thousands of individual servers are at work day and night, and private information (including, of course, financial data) is a great temptation for hackers. E-commerce sites are a popular target for attackers due to the personal and payment information required to make a sale.

Magento security is a built-in protection measure that helps in overcoming security issues like information leaks, data theft, illegal transactions, malware outbreaks and many more. Magento offers top-notch security. It’s packed with security extensions and themes to ensure you stay on top of things. Magento developers make sure that people all over the world get the excellent security they are looking for in their Magento store.

Top Tips For Keeping Your Magento 2 Store Safe

Top Magneto security tips useful to help you protect your shop from hackers, data breaches and other malicious cyber attacks.

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Migrate to Magento 2

The very first thing you need to do is migrate to Magento 2 if you haven’t already done so. When Magento suffered a major data breach in September last year, it amazed so many customers. Then Magento takes the attack seriously and launches Magento 2, which ensures a lot of highly secure reforms and excellent performance.

Run Your Magento Store on Latest Version

It is important to keep your version up to date as each new version comes with specific features to ensure high performance and security. Many times you will not find the new Magento edition the best. There can be many reasons why you don’t like a particular update. But every new Magento update usually includes fixes for previous Magento security patch issues.

Ensure Regular Backups

If you don’t back up your websites regularly, start now. As a backup prevents data loss. In case things go wrong, you can use your backup to automatically restore all important data. There will be no data loss. Storing your backup on the same computer as your website is problematic, not only because your copy should be safe in case your server crashes.

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Use a Strong Password

Never set a simple password for your million dollar store. If you easily forget a password and in this confusion try to use a simple password. Then believe us, it’s not the smartest move. Always use a complex password that is a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, etc.

No one in the world can guarantee you that your business won’t be caught in a cyberattack if you don’t even budge to follow normal security protocols. Know that prevention is always better than cure. Keep your Magento store updated.

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