Common Mistakes You Should Avoid as Magento Beginner

One of the best eCommerce platforms that you can opt for your business has to be Magento. Websites created on Magento are very intuitive and highly user-friendly. Magento comes under the most popular eCommerce websites available to the users. Magento offers incredible features that are appropriate in creating successful online stores. However, Magento eCommerce development may seem simple to you, but it is quite a complicated process, Especially for beginners. 

Magento offers incredible features when it comes to eCommerce, but many people fail to utilise these features to their full potential. Though you can choose to get services from an experienced Magento development company, there are some things you need to be careful of if you are deciding to take your hands on Magento. 

Common Mistakes To Avoid as Magento Beginner

Magento development may seem a bit difficult for beginners. There are chances that you may make expensive mistakes and may make some blunders when it comes to a Magento store implementation. Many beginners tend to make basic mistakes that can cost them a lot of time and effort. If you are just starting with Magento, there are some mistakes that you need to avoid, these mistakes are mentioned below:

Wrong Hosting Provider

Many times when a business owner wants to take their business online, they tend to choose the cheapest hosting provider. Choosing just any hosting provider can keep your website at a stake. To perform smoothly and work well without issues, a Magento website needs a specific server. Choosing the right web hosting can help your website be safe. 

Installation of Updates in a Wrong Way

Upgrading a Magento website may seem like a tedious task. The process is long and tiresome for many. But, while updating Magento to the latest version, you need to make sure that you are installing all the updates in the right order. While installing the updates you also need to make sure if it is compatible with existing themes and more. If you make mistakes while updating the latest version of Magento, you may face unnecessary downtime and you can also lose potential revenue.

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Avoid Heavy Themes

There are a number of themes available for Magento and beginners tend to make some errors here. Firstly, they opt for themes that may not be relevant to the store’s offerings. Secondly, they install heavy themes. Heavy themes tend to increase the loading time of the website. Especially when you add more information and products to the page. That’s why it is recommended to choose a relevant theme that isn’t heavy. 

Installation of Wrong Extensions

Many Magento owners tend to install extensions that are not useful for them. As a beginner when you are setting up your Magento store, you need to make sure that you are only installing extensions that serve your Magento store purpose. There are a lot of extensions to choose from but you only need to choose the one whose functionalities meet your business needs appropriately. 

A Magento website can help in expanding your business. It can help in boosting your sales massively. By avoiding above mentioned mistakes, you can make sure to get the best return on your Magento website.

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